Intimate Labrador - Dog Model Stone Carving

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| Laifu Series - "Love Labrador" Dog Model Stone Carving | "Blessings", with a rustic name, is close


CHU, AN Design

CHU, AN Design ショップへ

Intimate Labrador - Dog Model Stone Carving


"Chu啾" is like a sweet kiss "An" represents anything that we care about or loves;
CHU, AN Design conveys the pure and sweet memories of life into a simple and round shape, which conveys warmth and hope.

| Laifu Series - "Love Labrador" Dog Model Stone Carving |
"Blessings", with a rustic name, is close to childhood memories and the faithful emotions.
Under the designer's skill, the dog's charm is expressed in a cute and funny shape.
The size of the palm is like a small and lovely marshmallow, which brings a sweet and happy taste.

Whether you are happy or sad, it will be with you intimately.
In the face of unknown life and challenges, with companionship, there will be more power to start together!

|Product Information|
• Material: composite stone
•Specifications: 9x5x (H) 5.5cm, gift box 14X14X (H) 9cm
• Weight: net weight 0.2kg, boxed 0.5kg
★ Exquisite gift box packaging with poetry card.

|Collection methods and precautions|
• For daily maintenance, use electrostatic dusting paper (brush) to gently remove dust. If you accidentally get stains, do not wash it. Use an eraser to gently wipe off the stain.
• Do not force or rub against it to avoid breakage or scratches, and avoid being exposed to direct sunlight or moisture.

|Brand persistence|
•Design & Made in TAIWAN
Each piece of the work is a designer sculpture, and then made by the craftsman stone, through the warm texture of the stone, the warm touch, the merchandise presents the texture of the fine crystal texture and hand-made sculpture.
• Exquisite gift box packaging
The world-style lid-type hardcover gift box, whether it is a collection or a gift, can express the texture of the product and the gift of the gift.
★ If you have a gift, you can attach a silver-gray ribbon.

|About CHU,AN Design|
With a bang, the pure child sent a lovely kiss to the world, lighting everything and conveying love and hope. "Chu啾" is like a sweet kiss! "An" stands for any person we care about or something we love.
CHU, AN Design brings together Taiwan's cutting-edge designers and young artists to transform the innocence and sweet memories of life into a simple and round shape, creating a series of cultural and creative gifts and life decorations.

While we put our hands on the work, we hope that the temperature transmitted by the palms will warm the world.


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