Bamboo language | plain indigo handmade bamboo long-handled umbrella red dot IF Award

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teak design

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Bamboo language | plain indigo handmade bamboo long-handled umbrella red dot IF Award


Quality raw materials:
Bamboo's environmental and fast-growing, allowing us to focus on the value of design and technology
Bamboo physical ductility, handmade make products more resilient and more dense.
Bamboo umbrella manufacturing, natural environment in no way inferior to the wood.

Bamboo, no longer the traditional complex braid.
Using technology processed into raw bamboo materials, so that there are infinite possibilities of bamboo form.

Culturally speaking semantic processing material bamboo is not only a umbrella, it is a cultural element, the carrier is a distinct oriental culture, Chinese culture, southern culture. Good raw material turned good start, we selected the suburbs of Hangzhou Anji, a national nature reserve simplxs produced for the umbrella of the main material, all bamboo raw materials are used "six knife" of adult quality simplxs, bamboo fiber and texture reached most Good state. Internal cellular structure of bamboo close, easy to insects, durable. Harvesting season is also very particular about the need to cut winter every six years, to ensure the hardness and toughness of bamboo fiber.

Manual process, the ultimate challenge Quality:
Looking for a traditional West Lake silk umbrellas craft heritage, combined with international leading technology, after more than 60 channel technology program carefully polished, Cut brands according to criteria to sewing, craftsmanship from the details of the start, not only delicate and beautiful, but also improve the toughness. We insist on the supremacy of the pursuit of quality, whether it is large to a process, or as small as a thread, all the car line process absolute quality assurance, as the completion of a work of art creation.

Practical function quality:
"Bamboo language" umbrella full of innovation in the traditional process, based on a 12 bamboo umbrella, high-quality carbonized bamboo umbrella stand after water embalmed, strength through strict quality tests, have better flexibility, improved wind resistance.
Bamboo canopy using bamboo carbon fiber fabric is also taken from the bamboo itself, through rain and plastic coating, according to scientific research of bamboo charcoal fiber UV blocking rate is 400 times the general fabric material, thus eliminating the need for sun protection coating, is really starting to rain and sun practical function.

Health Assurance:
We use natural materials and environmental protection, have no impact on air, the environment, and the skin.
Bamboo language of raw materials, glue and paint are in line with international quality standards, safe and secure.


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