[Potted] healing department meat wedding small objects / welcome ceremony potted plants (five) (succulent) New Year gift

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[Potted] healing department meat wedding small objects / welcome ceremony potted plants (five) (succulent) New Year gift


* Currently limited edition of five pieces of Christmas, including Christmas small card, Christmas banner, Christmas sticker packaging
* You can specify the arrival date, please note in the subscript can be

Drought-tolerant succulent plants,
Fluent as "perseverance eternal love",
A symbol of blessing to newcomers,
Cute fleshy flower pots,
Can be placed at the wedding scene as a floral arrangement,
When the guests leave the loading kit to take away Oh.

[Designated date arrival]
In order not to delay your gift time and have time to prepare, we welcome you to order first, and specify the arrival date (generally recommended three days before the arrival of gifts), so that we have plenty of time for you to prepare the most perfect little meat Gift Oh :)

Shipping will be basin, planting, media, small boxes (unassembled), etc. sent separately,
When you receive yourself a simple DIY planting assembly can be
Taichung pick-up can help you complete the assembly (that is, the picture looks like)
Plants are shipped randomly, if you need to specify the letter can be discussed first.

1. Lay a layer of media soil on the ground floor first
2. Bare root succulents in the burning pot placed in the approximate position
3. Some slight righting plant, medium soil filled plants around, can gently adjust the plant up and down slowly (recommended medium soil can be poured into a small container, and then into the container better control of soil)
4. With a small watercolor brush or brush on the plant surface soil dial clean
5. The yellow water covered the surface, that is done!

Pure lace
Sundial ribbons

Kit can be lifted stackable
With lining to facilitate guests to take away without dumping

Product Description: Five pots two inches pottery + five small gift box + ribbon + care instructions + media
Small pots can choose the style you like (pure lace / Sundial ribbons / simple fresh)

Plant selection: Succulents are seasonal plants, if you want to choose, you can contact us,
We will give you the season's selection of varieties.

Sunshine: indoor / outdoor, daily sunshine more than 3 hours
Water: 1 to 3 times a week to pour water, water sprinkler wet around the soil around each plant, because the pot of water easier to evaporate evapotranspiration can be slightly wet some

Taichung City, south face delivery,
Order a large number of letters can be discussed

Shipping rules:
1. Order payment 0 ~ 3 days after shipping, can be specified when the order arrival date.
2. If you have an urgent order, please let us know the date you need before we can help you see whether it can be a smooth ride.
3. If you have inconvenience to receive the time, such as "six days" "continuous holidays" Please place a note when ordering, so delivery is just the time you are inconvenient to pick up the time.

"Delivery", the next day, the logistics staff to deliver to you directly
"Super merchants pick up", the day after tomorrow, to take their own super-business pickup

If you choose "Super Merchants", and then trouble you to pay attention to pick up on time (General Supercomputing SMS notification pickup, the day after tomorrow will usually arrive, if for any reason missed news, advice must be acquired, tracking number tracking Whether the arrival of the day), and on the day of arrival, be sure to take pieces removed and removed planted plants, so as not to plant boring (please note that if the arrival date more than two days, such as: No. 1 arrival, No. 3 to take Or unpacking, we forgive us can not be replaced free of charge, if you need to replace the plant, you have to pay the shipping costs and planting costs), thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Size: Two-inch pottery, containing plants about 10 to 12 cm high (depending on the plant species may be)

Designer and brand profile:
Adult, out of society
With my own room, room
Pay attention to the small details of life
Like decorative corner small space
That feeling is like going back to childhood playing house wine
We provide adult playhouse wine materials
Hope that you can find the life you need a small fortunate indeed