Sautees Happy SPA Herbal Warm Pack (L Vanilla Coffee Brown)

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• 100% natural cereals and vanilla fillers can be reused for environmental protection and health. Simply enjoy the happy



Sautees Happy SPA Herbal Warm Pack (L Vanilla Coffee Brown)


• 100% natural cereals and vanilla fillers can be reused for environmental protection and health. Simply enjoy the happy SPA feeling. Happiness SPA Herbal heat pads

Daily computer shoulder, back, wrist sore? High-heeled shoes crush their legs, ankle uncomfortable? Sisters and sisters are not comfortable in the abdomen for a few days each month? Mom is doing a family job is also sour? Dad needs to travel all day long Relax? Grandparents also have back pain?

Let the hot pack of Happiness SPA get rid of soreness, promote blood circulation, increase body metabolism rate, natural vanilla scent to give you a good mood.

1. Hot compress: Place in a microwave oven to medium heat (approx. 500W) microwave for 2~3 minutes.

2. Ice: Into the refrigerator freezer ice overnight, can also be used as an ice pad.

3. The pillowcases can be removed and washed. It is recommended to clean the pillowcases before use for the first time and wash them by hand.


1. The appropriate microwave time will vary slightly depending on the machine and the power. Do not heat for too long. If you need to use it continuously, cool it before heating it. Avoid burns or damage to the aroma of the filling.

2. For a small hot pack, just heat for 2 minutes. For large or long type, heat for 3 minutes.

3. After heating, try the temperature with your fingertips to avoid burns.

4. Heat or ice is limited to 20 minutes, which may cause skin irritation for too long.

5. There is a wound or existing discomfort on the skin. Do not use it.

6. Do not use patients who cannot express meaning or feel insensitive, so as to avoid accidental burns due to inability to communicate.

7. Have a special illness or concern and consult a doctor before use.

8. Do not let children use it alone.

9. The fragrance of vanilla flowers fades with time and use. For updates, please feel free to purchase.

• Washing method: Cloth cover is recommended to dry with cold water, do not dry

• Vanilla bag do not wash

•storage method:
When not in use, it can be placed in a fresh-keeping bag and stored in a refrigerator to keep the freshness and humidity of natural herbs, and to prevent pest damage.

• Size: 44cm x 16.5cm

• Weight: 900G

• Material:
Cloth cover material: 100% cotton
Vanilla cloth cover, 100% cotton

• Origin: Taiwan

• Production date: (The production month will be marked according to the date of each batch)

• Shelf life: 2 years

• Vanilla Collection Ingredients: Peppermint, Rosemary, Verbena, Lemongrass and many other natural herbs and grains

Happy SPA Herbal Warmer Feelings:
"Every day is busy with the gardens, and the garden is full of beautiful flowers, but after a busy day, it is always backache, hot packs, and hot compresses are really comfortable on the back and waist!" (Mr. Taipei Wang) M Herb Collection Cotton

The old lady who has rheumatic pain on her knees said: “This is very good! Every night I apply it before going to bed. I just fell asleep!” (Iran’s Huang Ai’an) L’s vanilla cotton collection

Hard doctor Yang received the product and said: "It's beautiful! It's reluctant to use!" (Ms. Yang of Hsinchu) M Flower's poly cotton

Office workers hit the computer every day, pressing the mouse hands sore shoulders, eyes tired!
Ms. Li said: "Small and convenient and easy to use! Eyes tired when you apply a lot of spirit, sour hands are OK! The month of each month apply lesser is more praise! Colleagues are rushing to use!!" (Taipei Lee Miss) The number S flowers and silkworms

The maid who loves to play mahjong said: "It's a blessing to make a good fight! The taste of vanilla is so comfortable! Come to two!"
(Taipei's Otaru) L vanilla silk collection

Every newborn's parents are very hard! Mommy's father's hand is very popular! Papa Lin said: "How can I have such a thoughtful thing now! I'm going to lay it!" (Taipei's Lin Daddy) S's vanilla Set of cotton models + M vanilla silk collection

Monika, which many friends like to share, prepared 20 friends for her on Christmas!
She said: I hope everyone feels as happy as she is! (Miss Monika from Poland)
S number hundred flowers poly cotton + S number vanilla set cotton section

After use, there is a vanilla flavor on your hands! It's so good! (Jennifer, Taichung) The vanilla set of S

Her mother had been suffering from low back pain. The son of Filial was helping his mother to prepare hot packs every day. Her mother once said: “It's happy to be happy! There is a good son of Xiao Shun, and there is vanilla hot pack better!”
No. L vanilla silk collection + M number of flowers poly cotton section

Miss Yang often travels to the mainland on business. This time he prepared 6 vanilla hot packs for Taiwanese compatriots who work hard in the local area!
She said: “Let them also experience different warmth in the field! It can also relieve soreness and praise!” (Miss Taipei Yang)
No. L vanilla set cotton section

The shoulder and neck soreness plaster is very stinky! Emma said: “With this vanilla compress, there is a lady! It doesn't cost a lot of money to do a SPA! It's easy and convenient! “(Taipei Emma) L’s Flowers and Silkworms

“The Chinese New Year has to be wiped out! The mother must be tired again! Several hot packs allow her mother to eliminate fatigue!” (Miss Chen of Taoyuan) M’s vanilla silk collection + L’s flower poly cotton

“The weather in Shanghai is very cold now, it's snowing! There are hot packs! Very warm and happy! Ready to share more happiness with friends and family” (Miss Pang, Shanghai)
S number hundred flowers poly cotton + M number of vanilla set cotton models + L number of flowers poly cotton section


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