Filter017 - Baseball Cap - Wild Animal Snapback Cap - River Fishes Wild Animal Snapback Baseball Cap - Stream Fish

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Filter017 - Baseball Cap - Wild Animal Snapback Cap - River Fishes Wild Animal Snapback Baseball Cap - Stream Fish


Filter Dogs Wild Animal Snapback Cap - River Fishes Wildlife Back Button Baseball Cap - River Fish Filter017 in the late summer launched a series of flower cloth color design of the wild animal baseball cap, carefully selected special rare American red cloth, especially in high-cost air transport to the United States to introduce the local production of reactive dyeing cloth, reactive printing cloth Complex but excellent quality, in addition to the image pattern in place, color saturation, color labor is good, the cotton material printing and dyeing feel and comfort is irreplaceable, it is also such a valuable thing. Hat017 has always been the focus of products, in order to seek more exquisite product quality, Filter017 specially commissioned Stussy, adidas and NBA Queen manufacturers, with the same level of high professional specifications in Taiwan to produce, both in the material, cap shape and the whole The details are very good! Note: the use of the whole piece of cloth made of cut cloth, so each hat models are not the same color, goods for the random shipment, if the special needs, please note in the order note. Access Date Added: 2014.8.22 (v) Price: NT $ 1280 / US $ 44 / RMB270 Head circumference: adjustable Made in Taiwan Made in Taiwan / Designer and brand profile / Filter017 team since 2004 into the army, all the way to continue to good at the "elements of the mix" to create a lot of rich fresh design and image, and from all over the international attention and encouragement, in recent years gradually in the international market fermentation. In the "mixed" concept of thinking, not only the visual surface of the mix, Filter017 try to oriental culture of thinking and creativity, re-interpretation from Europe and the United States retro vision and elements; hope in the visual, interesting and thinking point of view, all can To bring a new feeling, the goal is to combine this image design, extended to all possible areas of life! 2009, Filter017 first and life in the most close to the field of clothing on the practical action to implement the stage objectives, published the same name of the independent clothing brand, hoping to share the spirit of Filter017 creation and design, extension retro, popular, mixed, fun, Humor and joy of the spindle, in the streets, life, popular culture of the apparel market, into a brand new brand model and select the direction. Filter017 Although the basis of the creation of the image, but understand that in addition to images and vision, the quality of clothing and the spirit of the essence can not be ignored, the future of the brand in the spirit and vision, will be "relaxed, humorous" Attitude, to give more than dressed, "clean, simple" way to express the style of wearing, I believe in the design details and quality requirements, as can feel Filter017 design and product requirements of the comprehensive. In 2011, the company focused on the operation of its own independent design brand. The Filter017 team moved the creative base to Taichung, Taiwan. In combination with the studio and brand image shop, the first concept store was established in the name of "Filter017 CREALIVE". Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan


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