Micro forest. Japan imported natural beeswax cream 40g green woodwork woodworking Wood maintenance Wood Care

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Micro forest. Japan imported natural beeswax cream 40g green woodwork woodworking Wood maintenance Wood Care


** Taiwan's exclusive agent to sell green tea cream beeswax ** Around us for many years to accompany wood products, wooden furniture and flooring, as Daily contact with careless always bring scars. To be able to use long-term, it will use the protective coating or waxing and maintenance, But most of the skin care products contain chemical and other organic solvents and emulsifiers irritating Ingredients, in order to solve everyone's troubles, Oyama lumber with a pure natural ingredients As beeswax cream ingredients. Materials are made in Japan beeswax, Toyama Prefecture canola oil, linseed oil, Tsubaki oil and green tea extract, packed with smaller burden on the environment and recyclable Lee Used aluminum cans and paper bags. It can be widely used in the wood floor, wood furniture or wood products, make wooden Commodity more vitality, and other coatings are also very chummy, also can live in has been on Use the painting wooden products. Does not irritate the skin, there is no pungent taste, make fun of the woodwork through open Heart every day. [Wood products with beeswax cream - green tea 40g] Most of the green material are afraid of water, light and heat, through the passage of time and temperature Could easily lead to chlorophyll into brown. So usually commercially bottled green tea in order paute Let the colors look like freshly brewed tea, green, yellow color understandable added Plain and bright green pigment. In order to prevent discoloration of chlorophyll, Oyama lumber adopted Green tea, aloe, kale and other green plants, even after heating can keep natural Green tea. Oyama lumber will Beeswax Cream with green tea extract integration, and success is not easy to produce acidification Beeswax green tea cream.   Applies to: Wood floors, unpainted wood, wooden table, wooden tables and chairs, wooden guitar, High wooden sound, wood products, statues, traditional wooden crafts. Ingredients: . Japan produced beeswax . Tsubaki oil . Toyama prefecture rapeseed oil . Green tea How to use: Decided to use the amount according to species and materials Wood products, for example, to take an appropriate amount of cotton can be spread evenly on wood products namely Can. Wood flooring, for example, the range of 16.5 to 19.8 square meters (about 5 to 6 floors) of Takes 200 grams of beeswax cream. According to the situation of wood products, unpainted wood products only in the case of beeswax for frost oiled, If you feel lost luster of wood, you can oil maintenance. After the initial maintenance of wooden floors, about three to six months to do it a second time and maintenance, If part of a thinning or peeling paint, then you need maintenance again. 1. Please wipe before use of wood products clean, if there is a serious case of dirty, can be After cleaning the surface dirt and dry completely before use. 2. Using a dry cloth or stiff sponge (car wax sponge can be), wooden picks Products beeswax cream, gently apply on wood products. 3. After 30 minutes waiting for woodwork absorption. 4. And then a dry cloth to complete the maintenance. ※ Please use Dip, repeated several times to wipe appear shiny wood. Woodwork beeswax cream small classroom: Q1. When using beeswax cream need to prepare?      A: Use a clean cloth and a hard sponge can be easily maintained, complete security Wash hands with soap after raising program to Q2. How much amount of time needed to use it? A: wooden phone shell, for example, to take an appropriate amount of cotton, can be uniformly applied to the To the wooden phone shell. In terms of wood flooring, for example, based on different wood species, initial maintenance, then, 40g Beeswax cream may be used around the floor area, 200g cream beeswax Approximate To use the 5 floor area. The second and subsequent maintenance, 40g Available in 2 Ping The area, 200g available in the area on 10 Ping. Q3. Expiration date about how long? A: Please try to use the cans used up within two years Q4. Maintenance to be sticky and slippery wooden floor it? A: thick coating of the case, there is no longer a dry cloth, then will sticky slippery, After 30 minutes, place a thin coating and then wipe off with a dry cloth, then there would be no sticky slide Slippery situation occurs. Q5. How durability after maintenance? A: Because is a natural material as raw material, compared to the general maintenance of oil compared with commercially available capacity Easy to fall off, but also better absorbed. Wooden shell phone, as long as that does not shine, it can be coated beeswax cream Maintenance. Can be serviced once a week. With wooden floors, a maintenance once or twice a year, use love to care for your wooden Product bar. Q6. Beeswax cream store where the squatters? A: Please put in a cool place (avoid storing in direct sunlight and humidity change too much ground After the party) opening Please use finished within two years. Q7. Use the woodwork beeswax wood floors and cream wooden toys, children at home Accidentally come into contact with the mouth what the problem? A: After the coating of beeswax cream really dry cloth over again, basically is not There are problems, but some children have allergies for woodwork situation, please parents Pay attention to this point. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Japan


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