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  • 【Black Bean Oolong】
    Black Soybean Oolong Tea

    **Three coffee aroma, seven tea taste, is the land and people stir each other out of creative goods.**

    Seven of the tea hall of the partner Edward is a flexible thinking of the boys, good at marketing creativity, he does not press the card out of the card personality, and abstract imagination, often with the seven or three tea team hit a wonderful good Ideas, not only bring a lot of interesting marketing ideas, but also the development of many new products. One day Edward suddenly put forward an idea: "Most people like to drink coffee, which in addition to a small number of heavy coffee addicts, most people are unable to resist the rich coffee aroma, could not help but be attracted into the coffee shop Or convenience store, choose to drink coffee prepared by the beverage.If you have a coffee flavor today, tea products do not need to join the coffee beans, to retain the special flavor of tea, there are coffee baked baked aroma, then the seven tea hall Will be able to make people who are accustomed to coffee aroma willing to try to drink tea, but also allow more people to feel the taste of tea, so that all the good tea so naturally in their lives!

    So, the development of coffee with baking aroma of tea products, it has become a seven or three tea team "impossible task"!

    After several discussions and data collection, we found that not only coffee beans baked after the aroma, many beans such as cassia seed and black beans, after high temperature baking, can be distributed like a coffee-like thick flavor, in the material to obtain Difficult World War, the black beans and even have to replace the coffee beans, grinding baked out of a similar coffee drinks. At this time seven three tea hall of fresh ideas, like a dawn!

    But in Taiwan, Cassia in the drug shop easy to buy, but to find the farmer is not easy to plant; and black beans in addition to Chinese herbal medicine, but also early Taiwan brewing soy sauce main raw materials, and now still follow the ancient law of the store, Sunshine to make natural fermented black bean sauce. There must be a supply of raw materials, seven or three tea garden in Changhua two forest finally found the black beans. Organic way to cultivate, solid full of black beans, after high temperature baking, become like a sense of coffee-like ink black translucent, but gradually distributed with coffee beans similar to the mellow aroma. After the completion of the coffee, the seven tea hall will be black beans and different tea to reconcile, after several tests and the appropriate proportion, select the low acidity, sweetness and baking degree are moderate above the taste of the rhyme of the "seven three one 2 ", with a three-point coffee incense, seven or three tea sweet" black beans oolong "; one will be able to meet the two touched, smell the smell of coffee, taste full of tea!

    【About ... black bean oolong】
    Tea producing areas of land / Chiayi County Ali hillside, 1200 meters above sea level mountains, gravel loam
    Nantong County Mausoleum Songbailing, 300 meters above sea level hills, red loam
    Tea varieties / Taiwan tea 12, Jin Xuan, 27 Aberdeen
    Picking season / spring and winter
    Fermentation degree / light fermented oolong tea
    Baking degree / baking
    Tea dry narrative / hand picking machine picking type of tea
    Tea color / tan
    Aroma / coffee incense, rice bran, sugar incense, rice and wheat
    Flavor Description / Coffee Baking Aroma with the taste of more than the sweet pizza.

    Drinking tea can also be very simple
    Mug hot bubble method >> into the tea bag, and in the cup into the hot water 300ml, wait 5 minutes after drinking
    Ice bubble method >> into the tea bag, and in the cup into the 1/3 of the hot water, wait 5 minutes after the ice can be added
    Cold bubble method >> into the tea bag, and in the bottle filled with cold water, cold 4 to 8 hours to drink

    We believe that a better life can simply start from a cup of tea ...

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[Seven three tea hall] black beans oolong / tea bag / small iron cans -7 into

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