Ichiro Maki / Heart holding wooden tray (large)

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◎ Natural wood grain and annual rings are the expression of “non-scale design”, so that you can use the face paper box like a Wenqing! ◎ With the extraction experience of eucalyptus, you will have a scent of eucalyptus!


Ichiro Maki / Heart holding wooden tray (large)


Product Introduction / Made with a 0.3cm thick day, the natural wood grain and annual rings are the "non-scale design", with the extraction experience of eucalyptus, suitable for commercially available soft packaging. Heart holding wooden knowledge (heart mark) / Japanese elm has absorbed natural beauty for decades. In order to preserve the ambiguity of the heart, the masterpiece of the "Ichiro Mutron" workshop, focusing on 30 years of experience, made "heart holding wood". During the process, the stress release of the tree ring will cause the fiber to crack naturally. Every healthy tree that has been screened out, the masters use Japanese eucalyptus powder to blend latex to repair these natural cracks, leaving a beautiful "heart mark", this is the real "heart holding wood" . Customized laser engraving / 1. Range: within 18x8 cm size 2. Add the laser engraving page >> https://www.pinkoi.com/product/69i5iVRS 3. If you have any questions, please feel free to write to us, thank you :) specification/ Name: Heart holding wooden tray (large) Material: Japanese oak wood without scale Specifications: W20 D10 H10 (cm) Packing: face carton x1 Origin: Taiwan Commodity guarantee / "Ichiro Mutron" is offered as a brand new product with the following guarantees: - Warranty: If the product itself or the shipping process leads to new defects, the new product can be replaced within 7 days of arrival. Precautions/ [Natural solid wood] This product is a natural solid wood product. It has no chemical dyeing or addition. There will be natural color difference. The product photos are for reference only. In some cases, there are cracks. For example, please note the instructions before buying. [Comfortable environment] Avoid sun exposure or excessive drying environment, which will cause cracking of wood and long-term dampness and darkness. [Maintenance method] Do not use chemical detergent to clean. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan / handmade ◎About [Ichiro Muchuang]: Ichiro, a founder founded in 2008, has been importing Japanese eucalyptus from Japanese plantations for ten years, replacing wood of unknown origin; insisting on the "three-non-principle-free process", for the friend who loves wood, retaining the original wood Look and accompany you to enjoy a truly non-toxic, sustainable and environmentally friendly life. Ichiro M., an expert in Japanese coffin. We believe that only by truly understanding wood can we learn more about environmental resources and be close to nature. ◎ Ichiro Michiro advocates three reasons for using Japanese coffin: 1. Natural antiseptic material: Japanese eucalyptus itself has a special eucalyptus, and the natural bacteriostatic agent does not allow wood rot fungi to grow. 2. Rich Japanese plantation resources: Japan began its artificial plantation forest project hundreds of years ago, legally sourced and maintained a certain level of wood quality. 3. Life is full of natural aroma: The unique fragrance of eucalyptus has the ability to adjust the human brain's Alpha wave, which has the effect of soothing emotions. ◎What is the "No Scale Process and Three No Principles"? The word "no scale" comes from Japanese, meaning "the original look of wood." In the past ten years, Yilang Muchuang has been able to maintain the original appearance of wood from trees to wood to materials and finished products. It took many years of research and development and experimentation to gradually adhere to the brand's philosophy of scalelessness. ◆We imported the whole logs back to Taiwan, drying, cutting, grinding, making... all in Taiwan. Because wood is a biological material, it is a material that will breathe, and it will adapt to the environment. Therefore, the "localization" treatment of wood is a very important process to make the life of wood long. ◆ Ichiro Mushang insists that the three do not "not paint, do not skin, do not dip", let the wood continue to breathe. To achieve this persistence, there is no shortcut, and we can only follow the steps: continue to grind and push oil. Unpainted and non-skinned log household items, like jade and leather goods, the color will be more and more moist and beautiful. Without dip, the natural aroma of the sundial can naturally be emitted. ◆ Ichiro Multu has also developed “Wood Protection Oil” at the same time. It uses food grade linseed oil as a base for blending. There is no chemical paint (PU or UV), so consumers can maintain their own housewares at home. This product has been patented in Taiwan (invention type I598417). #无垢空间规划 #日本桧木第一品牌##一郎木创


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