Plus purchase area - Valet printing service - does not contain any macaron products ~

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Customized engraving service - this is the service fee for engraving - not the cost of purchasing macarons


Plus purchase area - Valet printing service - does not contain any macaron products ~


**If you need to receive the goods before the specified date, please ask before the subscript. Do not accept the subscript. ☚** ★ If necessary, please order in advance, do not accept any urgent items, so as not to affect the interests of other buyers. ★ **☛Color/accessories...etc. Please use the message function of "Contact Designer" after the subscript, please do not directly note, so it is easy to be ignored, the format will be very messy~** ------------- <<This is only the purchase area of Macaron Printing Service>> *Only subscript this store will not receive any goods* **The so-called service is to help buyers to mark on macarons, this price "does not contain" any macaron body Need to buy macarons goods, in order to engrave ~ macaron products please go to the design gallery reference purchase ** You can't engrave Chinese/Korean. ✘The following 3 types of heart can not be engraved. The title of the product name begins with "Heart Diamond" / "怦心心动" / "Sweet Heart" ~ (Because these heart types are three-dimensional heart-shaped ~ once engraved ~ will destroy the original heart-shaped look) ✘ Unable to specify font/size Please use the "Site Message (Contact Designer)" function to inform you after the payment of the subscript. You can tell like this, Color => engraved content => accessories Such as: 正红 => ANGELA plus love symbol => Paris Tower If you don't understand the printing, please discuss with the designer before the subscript. ✔ can be printed: English uppercase / number / Japanese (fake / fake) / embellishment / digital / basic punctuation ✔ Word count: Because macaron is a round body, including spaces or symbols in the middle row up to 7 letters The rest is less than 6 words (Japanese fonts include no more than 6 letters in a single line) At most 3 lines (too much will destroy the harmony of the picture) --- The above description is for the general size macaron (diameter is about 3.2-3.5cm) ●The price is single-sided printing price (such as a single macaron on both sides, please print the number of subscripts. 2. and so on) ●Addable embellishments are: crown, lucky grass, dog bones, love, stars, ducklings, airplanes, flowers, houses, dolphins, footprints Ducklings, rabbits, bows, squirrels, palms, dinosaurs, ship spears, small fish, spoons and forks, etc., can ask first~ <Simple small symbol suggestion can be added ~ This looks more abundant> -------------------------------- Macaron lettering is purely a service. The same way as baking biscuits, Helping buyers to create more personalized macarons with ready-made letter/symbol molds The engraved content is provided by the buyer At present, it is still not acceptable for buyers to print pictures. Do not make unauthorized copyright cartoon pattern dessert products for sale Even if it is just an imitation of similar pattern colors, it is not made!


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