ShiKa skarn // Andantini small side oblique backpack black orange

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ShiKa skarn // Andantini small side oblique backpack black orange


/ Commodity Description and story / Coupled with cellulite and small black leather side, Goods preserved, only use straps have traces of the years, as five, Storage Mezzanine and more, and after the zipper sandwich, as four You give love a small bag. / Size, size, size / 21x20x9 (cm) without straps / Materials / Leather / Operate and maintain / Leather please do not put the closet waiting for mildew, along with everyday use u it more beautiful Maintenance, then we have provided free care, you can always bag it with your beloved to come to us We will be very happy to help you organize ◎ & maintenance tips: 1, in general, most of the first clean bags for a variety of different materials with a clean brush or a clean cotton cloth, Dust, dirt removed. 2, leather bags if you use leather cleaner wipe, general wiping glasses lens cloth swab is cheap and easy to use is a good helper, Will not scratch your beloved bag, evenly can make bags restore luster. 3, both ends of a gray and white pencil, pen dual eraser, suede bag can be used as cleaning tools, If slight dirt, can generally wipe white pencil eraser to gently wipe removal; severe dirt, Available gray eraser end of the pen to wipe removed, because friction is strong, but they have to start with lighter, So as not to damage the bag. 4, clean nylon cloth bag with bread, can not dripping wet cloth and gently press the bag surface, In addition to silk, silk and satin of the package, you can try to do local clean toothbrush coated with toothpaste. 5, regardless of any kind of material of the package, after cleaning should be placed in ventilated place to dry, do not take it to be done quickly in the sun, Because after bags of water after scrubbing, it is the most vulnerable time, a sudden high temperature exposure, can cause discoloration or leather bag hard, brittle. 6, nowadays all kinds of package, often of different composite materials like suede bag surface, leather bag body and the like, when cleaning should be dealt with separately; Also, if there are decorative rivets or metal buckles and other materials on the bag, it must be noted that the use of detergents to clean metal careful maintenance, Do not let the metal part rust damage to the overall beauty of the bag. 7, comes with dust bag put to good use, if it is really not in the use of the bag, remember to empty the bag stuffed some old clothes to hold the newspaper or body, Put into the dust bag storage, avoid weight when folded and stored to avoid creases or cracks. Vintage merchandise must be some traces, fine lines are inevitable abrasion wear Items and accessories as shown, the lower the acceptable standard Have any questions or photo unclear welcome, We will reply as soon as possible, thanks again


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