Geometry combed cotton striped stockings (male and female) MIT smile certification mark

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Geometry combed cotton striped stockings (male and female) MIT smile certification mark

商品説明 By the Ministry of Economic Affairs "Made in Taiwan MIT smile product verification system" to obtain the right to use MIT smile mark. Client: Ministry of Economic Affairs Industrial Development Bureau Verification unit: Industry Technology Research Institute Foundation + Compliance with CNS 15290 L1036 "textiles safety regulations" without the use of banned azo colorants. + Hosiery products from weaving, sewing, dyeing, shaping to packaging and other operations are completed in Taiwan. + Free formaldehyde content in accordance with ROC CNS14940 L1029 formaldehyde limit value of the norm. ROC CNS1494 L3027 A2 + according to the test method, variable fade and stain are three or more. + Product labeling shall comply with the "commodity labeling law" "apparel labeling reference" requirement. Features Feature- Combed cotton Fabrics made of combed cotton yarn in texture, washable and durability have higher quality standards. Comfortable socks DuPont Lycra elastic yarn, easy to fall wearing obedient, comfortable and not the plinth. Not aging, loose. Y with design Ergonomic design weave. Let the heel there is enough space, not tight, do not pull. Raising the buffer layer Toe, heel and other local, fluff (towel ring) design, buffer foot pressure, while effectively avoid friction between skin shoes. Ring arch foot An annular elastic fiber woven elastic arch, the arch can effectively reduce fatigue and make easy money socks off. Seamless to Head Italy imported machines, toe to head with automatic stitching, totally obedient foot, avoid squeezing friction caused by continuous movement. MIT smile mark Ministry of Economic Affairs approved verification achieved MIT smile mark. Comply with CNS 15290 L1036 "textiles safety norms," without the use of banned azo colorants. Size Size- 21-24.5cm; 25-29cm Ingredients Contents- 71% COMBED COTTON Cotton (combed) 24% POLYESTER polyester fiber 2% NYLON nylon 1% LYCRA elastane (Lycra) 2% SPANDEX elastic fibers Wash Care- Can be washed in the machine, the maximum temperature does not exceed 40 degrees Celsius, but need to speed and shorten the wash washed away Do not dry clean Do not bleach Dehydration after hanging to dry in the shade Must be a layer of cloth ironing pad on the socks, the maximum temperature does not exceed 120 degrees Celsius (try not iron, high temperature will destroy the elastic fibers) Features + Combed cotton + Terry looped foot, heel and toe for more cushion and an extra plush feel + Athletic ribbed + Reinforced heel & toe + Elastic arch support + Seamless toe closure + Y gore seam + Deep heel pocket Contents 74% COMBED COTTON 24% POLYESTER 2% NYLON 1% LYCRA 2% SPANDEX Care Machine wash in 40 ° C / 104 ° F. Avoid bleaching or ironing the socks. Socks will last longer if you keep them out of the tumble dryer. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan MADE IN TAIWAN


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