Small bottle weather bottle Storm Glass Crystal Storm Glass predicts the mysterious crystal gift of the weather

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Storm Glass Crystal Storm Glass Ancient Mysterious Weather Prediction Crystallization



Small bottle weather bottle Storm Glass Crystal Storm Glass predicts the mysterious crystal gift of the weather


Storm Glass Crystal Storm Glass Ancient Mysterious Weather Prediction Crystallization Precautions: 1 The product contains camphor ingredients and should not be exposed to sunlight to prevent deterioration. 2 Storm glass is an instrument that reacts to the weather and expresses it in crystals. It takes some time to stabilize the relationship between its crystallization and room temperature. Therefore, it is generally required to be statically placed in the same position for more than one week to be stable in expressing the changes in the crystalline form. 3 Storm glass, as a weather forecasting instrument developed at high latitudes, is not a suitable working area in countries with low latitudes and warmth. Therefore, we commissioned a professional chemical laboratory to test and fine-tune its formulation so that it can still see its beautiful crystalline trees in warm low latitudes. 4 The storm glass manufacturing process of this design hall is completed in the professional process laboratory and sealed with sealing glue. It is not recommended to open the bottle cap to avoid affecting the sealing. If the weathertight bottle is poor, it will easily deteriorate in a few months. 5 Due to the content of the product, this product cannot use international transshipment services and cannot receive international orders. 6 Please ask the buyers to read the trading policy of this design hall before bidding :) 7 Due to the finer products, it is recommended that buyers use postal or home delivery services. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- Storm glass was invented by the 19th century British Admiral Robert FitzRoy. As a navigational device that predicted the weather at that time, he had participated in some well-known voyages, such as the beagle that Darwin, a well-known biologist who proposed "natural selection, survival of the fittest". Darwin later published a book titled "The Origin of Species" that shocked the scientific community. In addition, Storm glass storm glass appeared in the submarine "Nautilus" in the famous novel "Twenty thousand feet under the sea". Storm glass is a mixture of water, alcohol, potassium nitrate, ammonium chloride and camphor into a sealed glass bottle, which is sensitive to temperature crystallization by its solubility, and is predicted by observing the difference in its crystalline form. the weather. The principle of Storm glass is still inconclusive, and some scholars believe that temperature is the only influencing factor of crystal morphology. Some scholars believe that the crystal form of storm glass is also affected by air pressure and atmospheric temperature. Another group of scholars believe that storm glass can still be affected by pressure and temperature due to pressure and temperature in sealed glass containers. The tunneling effect is related. Storm glass is now used as a tool for weather forecasting, although its accuracy is no match for existing instruments. However, the white crystal slowly re-formed in the glass bottle and the sediment fell. With a graceful and serene beauty. ----------------------------------- ---------------------------------- / Size, size, size / glass jar with a height of about 12 cm and a bottom of about 3X3 cm / Material / Glass, water, alcohol, potassium nitrate, ammonia chloride and camphor Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade latest events: 1. Pay attention to our design gallery to become a fan, you can get a 5% off coupon 2. After you purchase the product, leave your evaluation of the product and you can receive a 10% off coupon. Wosloth Design Gallery fan page http s://www. facebook. com/wosloth


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