Oops! Peng bud skirt tutu births [birthday gift two groups - Rose lovers - purple]

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Oops! Peng bud skirt tutu births [birthday gift two groups - Rose lovers - purple]


/ ** ** Commodity story / Cupid stepping light footsteps, would love purple spilled ~ At this purple elf is waiting for the budding roses display this romantic magic / ** Features ** bud skirt small Peng / △ waist bud bloom as small design △ purple ribbon skirt tail for the little princess to add soft breath △ waist thin and light silky satin cloth ** ﹝ Claudel Warm remind ﹞ ** Peng skirt small bud because net gauze to detail, and therefore no inside, worn alone or with a new inner Claudel ass lace pants or leggings with a very cute Hello! / ** ** Product content / ● Peng bud skirt * 1 ● exclusive purple roses hair accessories * 1 (can be used for H folder or fine version hair band width of about 1CM) ● exclusive brand logo ● Exclusive pure vegetable oil based inks Gift Set    / ** Material ** / MIT mesh (nylon) MIT sand satin / ** ** Commodity recommend wearing size / ※ Due to the different growth curve every little princess, if the size of any problems please contact us to discuss, thank you! 6-12M: 15-inch waist skirt length 25m 1Y-2Y: 16 inch waist skirt length 25cm 2Y-3Y: 17-inch waist skirt length 25cm 3Y-4Y: 18 inch waist skirt length 25cm  / ** ** Maintenance /  Recommend hand wash  Please do not open the washing Accessories  Check with a different color and texture of clothing to be washed separately  Do not place a long time in detergent or cold wash fine, hand wash clean, remove light rub  Do not use bleach and washing laundry detergent containing a bleaching effect  Use a weak laundry speed dehydration / ** ** Introduction designer / Yes I am ... 100% of the mothers Something inside ... 70% of children Love to dream like simple Like children opening presents smile, because my heart was a child Expect to have a magic cupboard can conjure each surprise gift My mother is the child's magic ^^ / ** Brand Profile ** /  Ballet classroom  1.2 .3 2. 2.3 paddled small steps danced Swan Lake Beautiful wedding 4.5 .6 7.8 .9 stepping feet ㄚ pull small Qunjiao  My little daughter is always telling me "Mommy, I want to be a princess, because the body of Peng Peng princess dress pretty! " The little girl's dreams are always very simple, I think we should meet her little desire to be right! Dear big girls, u do? Beautiful dream u ever in the hearts of germination Shengkai Cheng Zhi Yan flowers? The French "tutu" is every little girl's dream Peng Peng skirt We will make the magic hands, a simple design, like color macarons Let every little princesses incarnation of a blossoming flower cotton candy Taiwan make full use of gauze underwear rating modest prices The stitch blessing to wear in every villain children who Everyone who wants to keep the dream of being a princess ......


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