Hand-painted city postcard group (C) five

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Hand-painted city postcard group (C) five


(C) Prague bridge, my desk, Mr. hundred buildings water in Austria, London Gherkin, Estonia Old Town [I paint, I send postcards plan] This is a new program I travel I took a pen, then painted scenery and mood. Each painting one, it will take a picture with the scene, recorded at that time. Currently travel toured 20 countries, more than 80 cities, completed more than 180 postcards. After returning to Taiwan, decided to work with more people sharing, although the hand-painted works printed, but each limited to please the master sheet by sheet printing, each one, ink are different. Friends received, you can feel about his weight, but also the number of the back of each number, I hope you'll like it. www.facebook.com/Shiangdesign2013 [Each postcard has a story] Prague bridge [No.47] Prague, Czech republic. Prague can definitely top three, in my mind. Sitting on the pier legs volley, you can just enjoy Prague. Want to eat pork, but only to buy a large part, a person can not eat and waste, fortunately met two Taiwanese girls, they eat part my, ha ha ha! Eat eat! Castle District I liked the original Kafka in this House! My desk [No.95] My desk, Taipei. This is my work table, very messy, under heavy rain outside just for design calendar and postcard! The table is a friend a gift, there are some travel, meet the artist sent me his work, a lot of stories in the work table. Drawing just tired, paint their desks and to share, perhaps this is a new theme, come to collect designer working desk! :) Mr. hundred buildings water in Austria [No.43] Vienna, Austria. I finally saw Mr. hundred water Hundertwasser's house! I always told him quietly Vienna Gaudí, it is because I really like his work, whether it is painting or architecture. He told the same high first extensive use of curves and exaggerated colors, mosaics in his works can be seen everywhere. In addition to the building, his paintings are very appealing to me, he was originally an artist, and later began to cooperate with the government, Funny, let building full of life. London Gherkin [No.48] London, UK. Gherkin open house today, but at least it is more than three hours row row iphone5s is also an exaggeration, simply looking for a place to sit down to paint, we line up only I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. Estonia Old Town [No.81] Tallinn, Estonia. Seems to be used & quot; Eastern Europe nine & quot; to describe this city. It was built on a hill, in fact, not as steep as nine, in my opinion looked very much like a fairy tale, like Avenue. Medieval buildings on both sides of the alley and some shops, there are iron, wool felt, glass, ceramic art, as well as hidden in the alley good restaurant! About 5,6 Euro you can eat very full, the price is obviously higher than Bolivia, Lithuania and Poland that might be to join the euro for several years, assimilated it! --------------------------------------------- [Adhere to a few print carefully selected paper] We adhere to a few, hand-printing, ink is different, unique. Paper is very thick, you feel it when you can get the weight. On the back there are autographed, limited edition number, worthy of collection.


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