[customized wedding invitation / wedding card] computer graphics design

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Want a unique wedding vision? Finding a Dora Li design wedding card is right!



[customized wedding invitation / wedding card] computer graphics design


(Please pay attention to Dora Li before the purchase will send coupons! Give the evaluation will also send coupons ~) [Product Description and Story] The camera can capture the picture you want, the brush can draw into the world you imagine You said that you want to take a wedding dress in France, the brush lets you wear a wedding dress to the Eiffel Tower. You said that you want to fly in the sky, the brush helps you to add wings Dora uses a brush to draw your words! Want to draw a theme, you can discuss it with the designer! Cute character https://pic.pimg.tw/fishdora1217/1524216377-2654548203_n.jpg?v=1524216380 https://pic.pimg.tw/fishdora1217/1524216377-4224282176_n.jpg?v=1524216380 Zodiac constellation https://pic.pimg.tw/fishdora1217/1524216377-1661043745_n.jpg?v=1524216380 Situational landscape https://pic.pimg.tw/fishdora1217/1524216377-3438703984_n.jpg?v=1524216380 [! Attention! Printing costs are additional] (quantity / size / paper ... etc. valuation) Please provide the quantity, the designer will choose the appropriate paper, offer another price according to your needs and open the printing store to you. 【design content】 1. Up to two main characters (two people or two people and one animal) + background. 2. Use "cover" as the main visual, and use the main visual object to arrange other pages. 3. If you need to add ribbon or other handmade products, please quote. 4. Please select "Cards - Open" or "Postcard - Front and Back". 5. Please choose envelope size 16.5X16.5 cm / 14X20.3 cm / 11.5X23 cm / 11.5X16 cm (The inner card size can be estimated after selecting the envelope size) 【be prepared】 1} Please provide 2-3 photos after ordering (clear resolution, best identifiable profile) 2} Briefly describe the picture you want (everything), up to two main characters (two people or two people and one animal) + background [Design and production methods and specifications] 1. According to the design content confirmed by both parties in the PINKOI message, it can be modified twice. (Invitation copy is not limited to this limit) 2. After completing the repair twice, the employer (customer) requests to continue to modify (modify $500.) 3. If the design is completed after the two employers (customers) are still dissatisfied and will not continue to modify, the design office will refund 50% of the funds. 4. Modify the design content, re-calculate the bill, and re-quote. [production process] 1. Press the "I want to order" button 2. Contact the designer (send the above prepared materials to the designer via this step) 3. Remittance within 3 days after ordering, Dora confirms 7-10 working days after remittance, if the order is busy, please inform the delivery time. [Usage] Card 2. Wedding invitations 【Precautions】 1. The designer will contact you after receiving the payment order and inform the design time schedule. 2. Please check the customized content of Dora carefully before placing the order! After the order is placed, the change request will not be accepted. 3. If someone is like the content, there will be some errors with the photo, and the return will not be accepted. Those who can accept this style will place an order. 5. During the printing process, the color difference is positive or negative 20% due to different paper and different printing processes. 6. The same picture will be displayed on different screens, and the color will be different. It is not possible to use the computer screen color to request the same color. 7. When the color values set in the same file are the same, once the selected paper is different, the color after printing will be affected by the difference in fiber properties, so this cannot be used as a reason for return. 8. This illustration is for "wedding" use, please do not use it for commercial purposes. 10. Design the delivery file (PSD file) after closing the case. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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