Fancy Moon* Honey Pumpkin Necklace ‧925 Sterling Silver

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The fairy tale we remember is no longer exclusive to Cinderella. Bringing a pristine squash with a layer of honey contin



Fancy Moon* Honey Pumpkin Necklace ‧925 Sterling Silver


/ Product Description & Story / Is there a possibility The fairy tale we remember is no longer exclusive to Cinderella. Bringing a pristine squash with a layer of honey continues to be our dream Then bravely advancing without fear can also make people sweet tasting The front is full of mirrors, and the gap is blackened to increase the level and three-dimensionality; the back is hollowed out and the necklace is hidden. Although the overall production of single-sided, but with a real three-dimensional. / Size, size, size, weight / Width 1.7cm/height 1.7cm/thickness 0.5cm (Although the maximum, all manual trimming error, please forgive me) Chain length 46cm 925 sterling silver (The silver chain style is mainly based on the third wearing suit. In case of this item, the silver chain will be replaced directly with the equivalent silver chain without notice. Please excuse me for forgiveness) (The silver chain is not included in the scope of warranty. In case of breakage, it can be repurchased at a cost price. Because the firmness of the silver chain depends on its thickness, structure, and user's wearing style, the use period cannot be guaranteed. Please forgive me. ) / Material / 925 sterling silver / Packing / Small gift box, decorated with silver cloth, storage clip chain bag, warranty small card, kraft paper bag / Use and maintenance / 1. There are works that are dyed black, the color will change with the friction; the mirror work is relatively easy to have scratches, both are normal. The charm of metal is that the gloss is different at any time. However, as long as you wear them regularly, you can maintain their luster and wear more and more bright. 2. It is normal for a silver jewelry part that does not come into contact with the human body (grooves, corners, and slits) to become dark for a long time. If you don't like the luster after the change, just return it to the maintenance and you will be like the new one. 3. Avoid vulcanization and yellowing or darkening when worn to a hot spring area; store it in a clip pocket when not worn. 4. If it is contaminated with dust, sweat, or grease, wipe it with a silver cloth or gently clean it with water or soapy water. Do not rub it with force. 5. When the silverware has a slight yellowing or darkening, try a simple silver cloth or silver wash. However, the silver washing water will be slightly corrosive, it will also destroy the original effect of curing black, or cause the disappearance of the shallow lines, please consider it. 6. Regular maintenance, careful storage, and regular wear are the best ways to treat each piece of jewelry. 7. The fine silver chain is made by machine. If you want to break it, you can't rely on artificial repair. You need to buy it again. When you wear it, don't pull it hard. / Designers & Brand Profiles / Silver is a metal that usually gives people a feeling of icy But expand it indefinitely and create it with all kinds of illusions. The ordinary things will no longer be ordinary Life is the same We all have many sad or happy experiences If we can leave these experiences well Become our moving story Then our seemingly ordinary lives will no longer be ordinary. Pass this spirit out Let each friend come to Fancy Moon to buy accessories You can bring your own story home and save it Let our lives shine out of Fancy's rays Keep collecting precious memories in your own life Fancy Moon* Create a silver fantasy story


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