With Taiwan to travel jigsaw postcard - Paperback version (including mini version of B)

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This is the story of Taiwan's ceremony, with the Taiwan pictogram, We can confidently introduce the goodwill of Taiw



With Taiwan to travel jigsaw postcard - Paperback version (including mini version of B)


/feature of product/ 1. Six postcards can be put together into a Taiwan Island eco-map, each postcard puzzles are located, that animal life circle / habitat. 2. Each postcard is attached to the back of a simple description of animals in English. 3. Each postcard has a map of the world behind it and its location is labeled "Taiwan Here." 4. Comes with a "travel with Taiwan" (mini version) postcards. / Product Description and Story / 1. Show the beauty of traditional characters Highlighting the beauty and variability of traditional Chinese characters, "Taiwan" was used to "write" the island of Taiwan (registered trademark of Taiwan pictogram). The topography of the Central Taiwan Mountains and the western plains was shown by the stroke arrangement. The two "糸" deliberately made it "disappear" at six points representing six small islands scattered outside Taiwan Island, that is, Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu, Little Ryukyu, Green Island and Orchidu Island. Reuse the word map of Taiwan Island to design six representative animals on the island of Taiwan: butterfly, fiddler crab, green turtle, Taiwan black bear, black-faced spoonbill, orchid horn. 2. Taiwan island biodiversity characteristics Taiwan Island, about 36,000 square kilometers of small area, spread the world map few do not see its existence, but because: Eurasian plate and the Philippine plate pushed out of the island's central high mountain group, Living in the Tropic of Cancer painted a geographical location, Surrounded by the sea and the Kuroshio and the pro-tide flowing through the marine environment, Taiwan Island therefore has a stunning natural environment and resources, creating a natural treasure of its biodiversity, this is a natural island Island Island (Island) is a natural enemy. Based on this, the concept of "puzzle", "six postcards, a Taiwan island" is used to highlight Taiwan's diverse and abundant natural resources. Each animal postcard design location are just close to their habitat, such as black-faced spoonbill Tainan, Taiwan black bear of the Yushan area, Orchid Island Lan Island, green turtle Penghu, butterflies all over the island, and strokes Tide crab is Taiwan's western coast along the north and south Jieyou. 3. Concept and spirit Behind each postcard is a description of each animal character in both English and Chinese, as well as the location of Taiwan on the world map. If you do not know where you are going to start talking about the beauty of Taiwan for some time, use the six postcards to bring you / you proudly to introduce "Formosa" - Taiwan. / Winning / 2014 Gold Dot Design Award (Visual Communication) / Size, size, size / To sets of sales, a set of six, each one long 15.3CMX wide 10.8CM / Material / 300 pounds book card paper, Taiwan Island word map glazing / Operate and maintain / Personal collection, the best gift to communicate with international friends / Origin / Taichung, Taiwan


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