[A] Emerald.3 emerald fruit / Feast series - Sun pearl stretch bracelet design

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[A] Emerald.3 emerald fruit / Feast series - Sun pearl stretch bracelet design


Labradorite Labradorite (inspired by Stone) Stone symbol "sun and moon" bring vitality and intuition have sun moon, allowing consciousness can inspire inner light and can guide everything begins and smooth development. Pearl Pearl (precious stone) Since ancient times is holy and precious pearls representatives in Greek and Roman mythology, the goddess Venus pearls and relevant. AD 1487 Renaissance, Botticelli (Botticelli) painting "The Birth of Venus" (The Birth of Venus / La Nascita di Venere) Description: Venus, the goddess of love and beauty was born in the shell, each When the sea rising moon, that slowly out from the bottom of the Aegean Sea, open shellfish fan, draw Yuet Wah, goddess shake off water droplets will form capsules sparkling pearls, Aeolus, Flora shuttle around. Pearl is the crown jewels of the indispensable role. Peridot Peridot (Lucky Stone) In ancient Egyptian times people respectfully olivine as "gem of the sun", even in the dark also issued a shining glory of properties, representing even under difficult circumstances, it can emit light of hope, is treated as a symbol of "Looking Bright future gem. " Sunstone Sunstone (Stone of Life) Its energy is like sunshine vast and fair, not only to help the wearer itself, and even influence others, to enhance the wearer's leadership potential, making the wearer by people around the support and love, not to become a supervisor or leader people, and they can also attach importance to energy and discouraged by the boss. [Material Material] Natural stone Quality brass [Product Size Size] Natural stone about 5,6mm Hand around 17cm (customizable) [Note] Attention Because of shooting light and color of each computer different relationships, Photo color and the product may be slightly drop, Acceptable next set^^ [Guidebooks / Copper Brass] ˙ electroless plating composition, hypoallergenic material ˙ Do perfume injection, avoid contact with hot springs, sea water ˙ recommend regular wear copper jewelry, copper jewelry fat the body can produce naturally moist beautiful sheen ˙ If you have black oxide copper ornaments phenomenon, can restore its luster copper oil clean


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