Hands-day month cowhide leather purse mass customized lettering free

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Hands-day month cowhide leather purse mass customized lettering free


For reference, please branded word description https://www.pinkoi.com/product/n8FCR2WA?category=3

Dear customer, after the studio work is completed, will be wrapped in white dust bag, placed in a hard cassette sent, we do not have fancy packaging, but it is not simple. In addition, branded part of the word, if you are not informed in advance, designers will be making their own assessment, the most appropriate size poker. Studio designers very carefully, if you do not know in advance the breakdown of communication, on the next payment, and then receive the item, then there is no communication over the project on the grounds, to give us a bad evaluation, not only to team very helpless very frustrated, but also hurt our efforts to want to meet the expectations of every guest's heart, dear customer, ask if your own ideas, please to communicate well before the next one, we will try to meet your needs. In addition, the next one, too, and pay attention to Pinkoi message, so designers not readily communicate with you, day month Hands leather, thanks to you.

/ Commodity Description and story /
Large capacity purse, can put a folded bill, the best time to go shopping companion short time ^^ can mark your name in English and Chinese.

/ Size, specifications, size /
The bottom of the strengths of about 8cm, side profile width of about 4cm, height of about 5cm.
There are six colors to choose sutures, are red, blue, yellow, beige, brown and purple.

/ Material /
Studios use only without chemical dyes treated primary color first layer of leather production works, color and size inside, referring to the color of the suture.

On product pages, the whole works, skin color appears to have a shallow depth, by designer natural cow foot oil-treated, pre-production maintenance of oil used more, you can adjust the color deeper than the vice versa shallow, almost primary colors, you can also choose to use the original skin color production.

Each and every one of us in the leather skin, there may be a different color, there may be different lines, and even some some small flaws, but when everyone in the studio making commodity will pick no wrinkles, no large part to flawed production, would like to receive the work you have to feel our intentions, like this, your exclusive, unique works.
/ Operate and maintain /
Works will be completed on water treatment, temperature and skin natural oils in our hands, is the best leather care agent, a long time will naturally exhibit caramel color, if dirty, can look Wipe with a damp paper towel, Unable to deal with re-use leather cleaner.

/ Designers and brand profile /
"May Day Hands leather." Our intention to do close to your work life, you look forward because of a textured leather products and feel good, whether it is for personal use or gifts, each a work "day month", and can be branded with any English and you need digital. If you need to modify each ad customization, and designers also welcome discussion.

Hong Kong and Macao and the Mainland Chinese friends, without using pinkoi international transport postage, please leave a message to confirm the postage and then the next single, thank you ^^

Origin / manufacturing methods
Taipei, Taiwan handmade


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