Syria ancient soap formula - turkey olive handmade soap (praise re-sale)

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Syria ancient soap formula - turkey olive handmade soap (praise re-sale)


The initial turf oil is our direct purchase with the Turkish origin after the air to Taiwan, because it is not easy, limited goods sold out last year, the delay can no longer be sold, but in the customer's long-awaited, a few months ago before the import , To re-create this praise soap ~ Ingredients: Primrose laurel oil / olive oil Weight: 90g + -10g Fit: all skin / washable from head This turkey olive soap is made from Syria's ancient soap recipe, the whole process to retain more oil nutrients cold method (the traditional old soap is made by hot method) in Taiwan pure hand-made, after six Month saponification period was cooked into the opening, is a can be washed from scratch to the feet, and with a mysterious soap! For the best effect of shampoo, wash hair is very soft, super recommended! Laurel olive soap lauric oil content can be from 10% to 80% as much as the higher proportion of laurel seed oil soap, the higher the price, Laurel seed oil knowledge: Turmeric oil to balance the sebum, anti-inflammatory effect known to promote wound healing, against fungi and itching, soothing discomfort, natural ingredients gradually conditioning skin health, especially acne muscle, acne skin, skin inflammation, eczema and so on. Olive oil and laurel seed oil to reconcile the soap process, is the first cross before the expedition into Europe. In fact, the olive laurel of the Aleppo region, as early as 300 years before the AD, the Roman period famous famous alchemist Sosimos (ZosimosofPanopolis, about 300 BC [2]), in his multiple Alchemy works, Bellua (Beroea, Aleppo's old name) area olive laurel ancient soap production process and its effect, made a detailed exposition. Into Europe After that, Syria's craftsmanship was introduced into Europe with the merchant, which was the prototype of the French Marseille soap. Syria olive soap is not artificial seductive fragrance, only let people feel the skin, fully proved it to skin care-based natural characteristics. And the moon oil itself green color, and distributed out of a special fragrance, it is difficult to use chemical synthesis of artificial, so our olive soap is not particularly add essential oils, soap flavor from the laurel, fragrance is also To a certain extent, reflects the soap soak oil content. ★ soap pizza soap no bright color no pungent smell Only the essence of the natural plant for the skin care All are time-consuming manual cold soap selection of natural high-quality vegetable oil Add a little bit of mud to a little plant vanilla and then add a little creative factor So that hand soap can not only accompany you every day bathing But also can be the natural package up As a most environmentally friendly and creative gift to your favorite family and friends! ■ Invoice delivery instructions Invoice with the goods attached, if no invoice, donated public interest groups If you want to send another invoice [Please fill postage 28 yuan]: Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan / cold method


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