(Graduation gift pre-sale) Handmade electric short bamboo straight folder (can be customized graphics and text)

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If the first purchase please browse the product content precautions. If there is a specific time to receive the goods, p


(Graduation gift pre-sale) Handmade electric short bamboo straight folder (can be customized graphics and text)


/ Product description and story / larger layout, more locations can burn the pattern you want to create a unique long clip to give friends and family or you can. / Size / together about 12 wide and 10.3 cm thick 3 cm wide about 20.5 cm wide and 12 cm A total of 1 banknote layer, 4 card layer, a change layer, a dark layer / Material / Embroidered cloth Cleaning method: First, the use of toothbrush with a toothbrush Second, the use of non-tap out of the clean water rinse Third, the use of electric fans or sunshine to evaporate the water, and above to cover the toilet paper, and to replace the toilet paper for a period of time. Fourth, the final blow dryer can be strengthened to blow some dead ends. Fifth, as long as the use of damaged or faded color can be sent back to the designer to deal with (need to return shipping) The most important of the five orders: 1. Please discuss with the designer all the custom content and then pay the order, so as to avoid some of the problems and their own cognitive. 2. If there is a rush order or a large number of orders, please discuss with the designer and then payment. 3. All questions Whether it is from the beginning to discuss custom content or receipt of goods any situation, be sure to take the initiative to contact the designer, do not use the imaginative way to communicate with the designer. 4. If there is a single payment but do not want to take the initiative and the designer to do any communication and delivery of customized content customers, do not have any excuse to say do not know how to contact the designer. The designer will no longer be reminded by SMS. And in the next single payment seven days will contact PINKOI to do the action to delete the order. 5.Designer to confirm the order date and shipping will inform the customer, if no notice please take the initiative to contact. Then the item number in the customer's order system, please note that the post office is one day, shop to shop is two days. The product received and the color of the photo drop? First, the color of the product itself will have each different, for example: chopsticks, spoons. Second, the designer's camera sucks, rotten to PS are transferred less than 100% of the same. Third, the client's screen will cause color. Fourth, customized dyeing products, each dyed out the color, texture will not be exactly the same. Electric fever precautions First, if more complicated custom content, designers will provide layout patterns to customers, allowing customers to understand the location, the ratio. But does not mean that 100% and layout exactly the same, because the last hand-drawn and not printed. If the designer did not typeset map, please take the initiative to ask. Second, there is no choice of font Because of technical and cloth material, texture will not be able to render the font you want the font (please refer to product images). Third, if it is similar to the POP rendering text, please provide the picture designer will assess whether it is possible. Fourth, insist on using Chinese characters Please note that the density of the strokes and cloth lines will cause the text is clear, for example: "stroke type to choose a body ... and other text is not suitable for electric burn." Fifth, the font size of about 20, only big small, because the cloth lines will cause the text is clear. Sixth, other countries as long as the words conform to the Notes can be customized, if not sure to discuss with the designer. Seven, dark-colored products, will burn the text or pattern is not obvious (with a black pen written on black paper is the same meaning). Eight, pictures, please provide simple lines, lines are not very dense line pattern. (Cloth lines will affect) Nine, please do not provide real photos and copyrighted patterns (Stitch, LINE, trademarks, illustrator works ...) If you do not understand what the copyright is the Internet search, do not tell the designer why other designers ) I can not do this, which is why I can not mean the same as asking why other people can reverse me.


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