US MyNatural Good Earth Fairy Earth Fairy -Blond blond forest guard

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US MyNatural Good Earth Fairy Earth Fairy -Blond blond forest guard


"Brand Story" My Natural ™ is the company's New York Greenpoint Brands infant Toys brands, Greenpoint Brands is controlled by two families with infants and young children's parents founded, founder and Petrie Serah their personal experience to fully understand the needs of parents with baby, so is committed to providing beloved baby more lovely, safer, healthier infant and child products. I love their baby in it, but think of the baby leave a good and healthy environment is also not shirk responsibility, all product design process are caring for the environment as a mission, and promised to provide environmentally friendly toys together. My Natural ™ is in this concept was born, inspired by nature, from the bright color elements, animals and doll protagonist styling composition, are associated with nature, provide baby and parents get close to the natural elements, and 100% safe Toys health, education under the guidance of parents, let the baby have the opportunity to understand the importance of caring for the environment in childhood. "product manual" **Good Earth Fairy Earth Fairy Series Collection guardian** Have lived in the forest with brown hair passionate Jinfa Sen Lin Xianzai Fairy Fairyland castle grew up loving kindness blond princess with brown hair princess Arty and romantic ballet fairy Live in the ocean lively Mermaid Fairies guard the Earth by the United States MyNatural design team, in eco attention to environmental protection, safe reassuring quality, play under the playful brand philosophy of life, the creation of special care baby, every fairy has a unique shape and to care for the earth, protect the environment related material design, but also a collection of girl's favorite dress, hair, crown, fairy wings, bows, flowers and other elements, including facial expressions, style, clothing, are also presented the role of fairy dolls, and contains the spirit of the brand, hopes the close Dolls, Daddy Mummy can tell baby also remind ourselves from caring for the earth and many of our lives. ★ first baby girl, just the right size for holding baby ★ use of environmentally friendly natural cotton fabrics, the internal filling of green recycled fiber ★ non-toxic and environmentally friendly dyes and processes, does not irritate the skin, is the most secure baby playmates! ★ use of environmentally friendly recycled gift ★ using humane ethics management labor Switzerland OEKO-TEX®Standard 100 Product Class I: 3 years old infant safe use of standards (eco-Tex Standard 100) is the world's most authoritative and most influential ecological textile label, the textile and clothing products to detect the impact on human health indicators, is an independent testing and certification system. BV Certified Non-Toxic 16CFR 1500.3 (b) (%) and (8) (FHSA regulations): After centuries authoritative testing unit BV (Bureau Veritas) certified to comply with the provisions "of the Federal Hazardous Substances Act," the United States is non-toxic and does not contain FHSA harmful to the eyes and skin irritants *Super Confidence - toy brands rarely do these two authentication Oh!* "size" 12 inches (30 cm) "Material" Natural cotton, polyester fiber filler, hypoallergenic, non-toxic and environmentally friendly dye process "Use and maintenance mode." Recommendations for individual bagging machine or hand wash in cold water washing to dry naturally, do not use detergent containing bleach and chemical Cotton doll Make sure completely dry state collections, avoid moldy produce "Origin / manufacturing methods." New York design and manufacture country: China


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