[Moment] Brown Sugar Brown Sugar Hand bags full of happiness | Comprehensive (10 + 1 package) Shipping Group

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[Moment] Brown Sugar Brown Sugar Hand bags full of happiness | Comprehensive (10 + 1 package) Shipping Group


2016.12.21 Announcement: Currently ginger particles have been out of stock, this store "Ginger" only the ginger Oh!

For us, this package brown sugar delivered to your hands,
Is equivalent to the whole bag full, sweet happiness
Delivered to your hands.

"From the sugar cane fields to the pot, planting to production, we have a step by step carefully ....... "

In the field, we work diligently, no pesticides without herbicides;
Sugar Factory, taut nerves, heart brewed pot of each characteristic are different - Hand brown sugar.

Ten procedures, seven hours, every piece of irregularly shaped brown sugar shall be prolonged after boiling, to crystallize into sugar.
Our ancient hand-made brown sugar, brown sugar to retain the full nutritional content;
Taiwan also retain plain simple hand-made spirit.

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------

[Hand bags Brown Sugar | comprehensive]

And lease for home-grown sugarcane farmers with planting without pesticides / herbicides white cane.
The sugar cane juice, longan wood for fuel wood burning seven hours to evaporate water, natural crystals Brown Sugar completes Hello :)
The entire process is the artificial production, and also because I love to eat,
Absolutely does not add anything strange sweet smell of chemicals Oh.

This product is an integrated experience group, it can be said that buy programs (laughs)

Flavor particles 3 package
- Ginger particles 3 package - (2016.12.21 ginger ginger particles Out to 3 packs.)
Flavor powder 2 packs
Ginger powder 2 packs
- - - Get a pack and more flavor particles! - - -
A total of 10 + 1 package! Very cost-effective.

** Important: taste sorry can not replace **

However, if you want to change, "particle / powder" or the number of notes can be used to inform private letter! ^ _ ^

** Important ②:
Hong Kong and Macao friends see:
Because SF freight to Hong Kong and Macao "in remote areas, homes" are likely to be charged 30 Hong Kong dollars fee, please provide as "company line number of the address, and notes the company name" can be avoided to charge a fee Oh!

✓ Weight: 250 grams net weight / bag
✓ Ingredients: pure cane juice, fresh old ginger
✓ Shelf life: 1 year
✓ Storage: cool place can be.


About goods sent:
※ responsible for sugar due to the boss, the boss is responsible for shipping, as well as small business owners responsible for milk seclusion relationship mountains, it is not yet available to store service super store (the nearest 7-11 about 30 kilometers away), the only kind black cat black cats willing weekly heaven hill receipt, Mr. Postman willing for us contained a small amount of down mailed, but please bear with me. ※

※ goods may be sent using the mail or home delivery, no matter what, we will be the fastest speed of delivery Oh everyone. ※

Brown sugar is rich in vitamins B1, B2, iron, zinc, calcium, potassium and other minerals, the most famous of efficacy than relieve menstrual discomfort and pain. Usually may wish to replace the daily use of refined sugar, brown sugar, eat more peace of mind to eat healthy.

Eat directly,
Brewing water (brown sugar tea can relieve headaches caused by heat stroke),
Add milk,
Adding cocoa,
With braised pork,
Baking ......

Eating a variety of methods to choose from ♡

/ Brown Sugar moment /

Retain the traditional, hand-made continuation of Taiwan Brown Sugar technology.
"Brown Sugar moment" does not just pure production and profit,
But hoping to get consumer confidence in our products.
Thus, "Brown Sugar moment" to protect the environment and the health of consumers as the goal,
Mining adhere environmentally friendly farming methods, without the use of pesticides and herbicides.
And also convey - as the guardian of the nearest land - we take care of the environment.

Origin: South-South of Taiwan and Taiwan Guanshan


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