♥ ♥ Annie crazy Antiquities British bone china wedgwood Group Royal Doulton 1935 Nian antique gold mugs flower cup two groups - inventory

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♥ ♥ Annie crazy Antiquities British bone china wedgwood Group Royal Doulton 1935 Nian antique gold mugs flower cup two groups - inventory


~ ♥**commodity narrative** British Royal Doulton bone china AD 1964 (Cap bottom of the cup back there year) antique bone china coffee cup Hundred years of history Green leaves in water with a white lace trim pattern Very fresh set of flower cup coffee cup Gold-rimmed off part no gold, no chipping or cracks ~ ♥**Origin**: England ~ ♥**size**: Bei Bei tea Diameter: 8.5 cm, height; 7 cm, tea tray: Diameter: 14 cm ~ ♥**Location**: United Kingdom, subscript after seven days of international express delivery to Taiwan, this group freight NT300 ~ ♥**Good News ~ "Anne Antiquities crazy" fan base has been set up in FB FB chatter ^^ ~ just received to find "Annie crazy Antiquities", then press into a praise, and at the same time you can share with friends to collect antiquities fun Yo ~ Welcome to "crazy Annie Antiquities" has become one of the members of antiquities treasure Oh ~ ^^** ♥ ~ little background notes: Goods Art Deco period with distinctive intense color symbol favorite use of strong colors and metallic colors (such as; bronze, gold, silver and other colors) common colors further comprising: a bright red, bright blue, orange, deep dark green and other ... ... of course, there will be a strong symbol of graphics such as simple geometric shapes, including; the sun radiation type, lightning, meander, overlapping arrow type, the stars flashing type or Egyptian pyramid. Many people think that only the upper class society can enjoy the collection of antique bone china buy fun, but in fact there are many American and European antique bone china consumers are middle-class taste. Perhaps Europe and America antique porcelain market share of the more off selected merchandise and more mature, General antique bone china collections year or more to distinguish the general category, such as the relatively old age of George (1714 ~ 1830 Nian) or Victoria (1873 ~ 1904) Ad market this year during the rare, collectors are more reluctant to release, Currently Instead Edwardian (1905 ~ 1910 Nian) and Art Deco (1925 ~ 1945 Nian) collection of works of people, gradually increased, novices or interested buyers can not access from selected off their favorite color and composition of goods start to buy. ♥ ~ Anne believes collect antique coffee cup or cups as collecting art, like flowers, each piece is exhibited the collection of personal taste and collectors of space-time background and the mood at that time. In addition you can also from time to time with a few friends enjoy the fun of tea, focus is in the process of collecting informative, it is a good habit to serve multiple oh If you want to combine purchases of other stores on the antiquities Anne crazy, please let me know which items of merchandise to merge, I will calculate shipping costs for you and 10% of the total freight charges buyer feedback, thank you! Please read before subscript About Me Goods inevitably color pictures, please read the details before subscript product images and descriptions. Goods requires perfect buyer, please consider carefully before the next mark. I'd be happy to answer any questions on the product. Thank you for visiting me here and hope everyone enjoy your shopping here


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