Stop. Bamboo chopsticks, environmental chopsticks, chopsticks, can be purchased, Leidiao name, Taiwan, limited hand made

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Chopstick holders with environmentally friendly chopsticks, good friends of the outside food family, eating at home is very elegant!


Stop. Bamboo chopsticks, environmental chopsticks, chopsticks, can be purchased, Leidiao name, Taiwan, limited hand made


Add chopsticks set and Lei carved name >> (Single buy a pair of chopsticks and add the name of the Leidiao plus 80 yuan, please write to the designer to open a separate page for you!) **/product description/** Chopsticks are the guys of our family who eat big and small. If you don't have it, I really don't know how to start with delicious food. While the family and friends at the table are eating, Imagine, Some gorged, some talked and laughed, and some ate three bowls. No matter what the scene, There will always be a time when you put down the chopsticks on your hand. Sometimes I use a chopsticks to pick up vegetables, sometimes I chat with my family, and sometimes I want to drink a bowl of clear soup. These actions seem simple, but I am thinking of a complicated question in my mind: Where should I put my chopsticks? Putting it on the bowl, leaning against the plate, doesn't seem to be very appropriate. So, the head of the melon seeds started to work, think about the solution, One day, suddenly Mao Zedong opened, how can I not directly use the bamboo knot, according to the principle of leverage, Let it (chopsticks) need to rest when they need to rest, no need to trouble others, The stop is born, it is very simple, and it is also the lifestyle we want to pass! **/Features & Notes/** 1. 100% Taiwan Meng Zongzhu, texture is warm, low carbon environmental protection 2. Made entirely in Taiwan, unique 3. The surface is only coated with walnut oil or walnut oil, which is natural and safe. Please feel free to use it. 4 Baoqing Bamboo is specially treated, the surface is not easy to fade, and it does not release toxic substances. Please feel free to use it. 5. After cleaning, lay it out and air dry, then keep it away from the damp. 6. It can be dried in a drying machine, but it is necessary to confirm that the chopsticks can be completely dried, otherwise it is easy to mold because it is not dry and damp. 7. Unscheduled application of vegetable oil (direct oil, walnut oil, walnut oil, etc.) can extend the service life. 8 Since the surface is not coated with any chemical paint, the surface of the chopsticks will be slightly rough when it meets the liquid, and it is normal for the pores to expand. 9. Size: The total length is about 23cm, and the chopstick tip is about 3mm. 10. Exclusive box for your dedication and decent use! Ps, if there is no spot, you need to wait for 14 days production period, please forgive me! **/brand introduction/** Tik á (bamboo) is a Taiwanese brand that adheres to Taiwanese materials, Taiwanese design, and Taiwanese manufacturing. At this stage, I am mainly engaged in the design and production of iDevice peripherals and life products. I hope that through the warm texture of bamboo itself, I will inject a green warmth into the busy technology life today! **/ Origin /** Taiwan (Zhu Yitai Studio)


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