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  • Our insistence, giving you the best, most natural, to protect the health of the whole family

    [Emily handmade jam] Irwin mango jam
    HOT ~ most summer fruits mango jam on stage !!!!
    Favorite natural handmade jam friends, can not miss it !!
    █ Emily handmade jam concept
    "Eaten, and to be fair to yourself;. To sell, and to be worthy of conscience and the practice of manual effort to save the traditional seasonal fruit jam delicious" --- Emily insisted.
    █ natural ingredients
    Freshly planted mining pesticide-free natural health ─ Irwin mango fruit, carefully protecting his hands against the farmer only hope

    Can be delivered to your palm and sweet this is the most intense Tianmi freshest fruit.

    Each jar of jam are real materials, fresh Irwin mango dolphin washed, dried, making manual handling, no incense

    Materials, no chemical additives, no preservatives, no fructose, no chemical coagulant.
    █ rich in nutrients
    Mango (Mango) is Anacardiaceae, is a perennial evergreen tree fruit, flesh texture and sweet taste, originating in India. Ming emperors (1561) in Taiwan first Dutch soil mango is imported from the Pacific Islands, Malaysia, the skin color is light green, high sweetness, fiber is also high, from May to July is the busiest time. In 1951, agriculture will be the introduction of a variety of love text and Kate mango, Irwin mango is native to Florida, 5 every year in Taiwan - An October listing, orange yellow flesh, sweet and juicy, less fiber, with an average weight of 150 -300 grams, the first fruits yellow-green rind, was completely ripe red apples (apple mango known); Kate mango oval, bright red color, sweetness, fiber diameter, weight up to 0.5-1.2 kg, about August-October market, commonly known as "September She." Another golden Jinhuang mango, rich in β- carotene, was crescent-shaped, soft texture, sweetness 15 degrees, less fiber, weighing about 0.6-1.2 kg, from May to August listing, soft texture. Therefore, our knowledge before and after the May to October are eating mangoes.

    Mango can be made of mango juice, mango, passion fruits (sour and sweet), ice cream, popsicles, smoothies, puddings, jelly, ice, canned (D-shaped block) and mango beer bubbles. Its stones, bark and leaves also have medicinal prescription. Due to a long history, there are different records on civil and medical books, Ming Li is believed mango fruit treasures, cool, Gly stomach thirst quencher solution vomiting, seasickness (locomotives), diuretic, cough and phlegm, but physical allergy eat there allergic reactions.

    █ save mode
    ※ unopened can be stored for six months at room temperature in the shade, please refrigerated after opening and eat it in complete within a month.

    ※ Please use a dry, clean utensils spoon to avoid moisture entering affect jam preservation.

    █ tasting method
    1. All kinds of jam are suitable applicator for bread, scones on as meals and snacks to

    Food, toast, then it is recommended to wipe a layer of unsalted butter add a touch of jam, taste very good, we can try it.

    2. Stir in hot tea with jam (light tea is recommended, such as English Breakfast tea) is drink a cup of fruit tea, or to jam served in a small dish, a spoonful of jam with twelve Russian black tea, let the fruit fragrant flavor in the mouth with black tea together, step by step the tongue taste buds can savor the full flavor of the natural fragrance.

    3. Place the appropriate amount of jam add milk, plain yogurt, cheese, pudding, can become delicious dessert drink fruit flavors.

    4. Prepare a variety of lettuce or fruit, olive oil, red wine vinegar, pepper, Fourier Brazil, according to personal preference and then transferred to jam and mix well.

    5. take Muffins: home-made muffins, maple syrup, butter and jam can stick.

    6. with cheese: easy to buy in the supermarket to get the cheese, can be equipped with refreshing taste of jam, even more flavor.

    7. pouring ice cream: vanilla ice cream topped with jam, topped with chocolate ice cream please the more sour jam.

    8. tune fruit soda: Sprite, dig a few spoons of jam mix, add a few slices of mint leaves is a delicious fruit soda heard ZABU selling soda drink comes out of this!.

    9. wipe cookies:! A little bit salty, can lead to "sweet" taste better then wipe on seaweed crackers, you'll find more delicious than the bread on the applicator again!

    10. The cut fruit plate: cut some seasonal fruit, put on a plate, pour a few random jam spoon, add a few mint leaves, is a luxury version can savor cut fruit plate.

    11. Popsicle do: yogurt + jam + soda mixed with a mix made of Popsicle, children like adults.

    12. Mix sauce: IKEA Swedish meatballs except when cranberries cream sauce will join the jam, chicken duck sauce in addition to wiping salty things, you can add some acidic jams, to the oil solution tired.

    13. Hammer open jam, hired directly eat, eat to hand jam full of flesh, came directly hired eat unspeakable satisfaction oh ~

    █ Product specifications
    Contents: carefully selected to Taiwan fruit (Irwin mango, lemon) white sugar.
    Weight: 240g
    Shelf life: unopened at room temperature for 6 months. (Please refrigerated after opening)

    █ thank Apple Daily diet of men and women reported in July 2015 recommended

    █ Brand Profile
    Emily original work in electronics company to work in seventh grade, not the restaurant itself relevant departments graduated, but

    Is the eating area are very interested, perhaps because they are designed to read advertising relationship! East opponents do

    West are very fond of, especially the "eat", in addition to hands-outside, also like to study all kinds of meals cooking.

    The reason for initially contacting handmade jam is dinner with friends, eat the queen Christine Ferber jam

    Rose rose jam, this jam deeply fascinated, came into contact with handmade jams, but also to find a start

    Many books jam, whether domestic or foreign jam recipes related to research, and begin cooking, and

    French find handmade jams approach is best reserved fruit aroma, but the proportion of sugar is quite high, making

    To Jam are too sweet, not to cater to compare eat less sweet taste of Taiwanese themselves repeatedly tried several

    Several times to reduce sweetness, hope can do to reduce the proportion of sweetness, yet delicious traditional handmade jam, after several tone

    Through friends and the whole side, Internet bloggers try to eat, it would be the views of many people try to eat after, find the most

    Sweetness perfect proportions and areas for improvement, and after repeated adjustment of the road, only now Emily

    Handmade jam.

    Because of their non-majors in college, from the beginning to explore fully understand, four visiting growers, looking for a good jam ingredients,

    Knowledge fruit aspects, in addition to learning to farmers through direct conversation, as is the fruit also consult the table

    Sister, learned what is organic planting, planting non-toxic natural farming and other related knowledge, from complete strangers to gradually

    Familiar, I am grateful that period of time under the wing of growers, our tolerance, support and love. Year started

    Industry was established studios sell handmade jam, we choose to sell on the web fb platform, different from the general practice because

    Commercial jam, we advertised fresh, no added artificial additives, preservatives handmade jam to get a lot of good

    Friends of all ages, sometimes more than one order, together with the French time-consuming production of jam, then rush up often busy

    Before the end of the morning, before dawn, the rest have slept 4-5 hours a day, although hard, but just think there are so many

    Certainly we jam, we think is worth the hard work. While in 2013 and also a few specific entity bread

    Consignment shop related business, future goals hope to share with you the possibility of a variety of jams Taiwan,

    French and traditional practices of saving Taiwan seasonal fruit jam delicious.
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* ╮ ╭ * Emily handmade jam handmade jams - Irwin mango jam (predetermined) natural fresh fruit handmade healthy delicious jam





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