Miss Mori [Chadian] Germany flower nectar / migratory habits / Souvenir / tea bags


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    Miss Mori tea shops are carefully selected high-quality teas from Germany origin, all raw materials through strict
    I have the honor of picking, drying, shredding, blending, producers and other processes, through various agricultural products necessary test points
    Analysis, in line with stringent environmental food hygiene regulations in Germany. In addition to carefully choose the sources of supply outside, all flowers
    After tea imports in order to maintain the original taste, no longer cheap after adding dried fruit or their own processing, and
    In cold storage, so that each bag flower nectar, can by consumers to buy flower nectar elements - Fresh
    Dry and aroma test

    **::: Exclusive Chaguan mood text small card will be attached to each pot tea :::**
    Migratory habits -
    We travel together to travel to, no matter how many times a migration, go to where the other side, have not forget,
    Thus accompany each other until far, far away in the future.

    **::: with one of the most close to the natural aroma gives you peace of mind :::**
    Create a savory space, have a cup of pure sweet, did not add any artificial flavoring,
    Preservatives, pesticides and other batch after SGS professional testing. Now a little astringent fragrant bubble of light or non-sticky
    Add a little honey bees intentions presented courtship, are safe and natural drinks.

    **::: pace with time and precipitated a cup of tea aesthetics :::**
    Relying located in Hamburg, Germany this famous port city brings together high-quality raw fruit worldwide.
    Miss Mori in Germany to pick out the finest fruit, chopped motives for making tea.

    **::: comparable Mercedes grade tea technology :::**
    Flower nectar in the process of making the most easy to make floral nutrient loss in Germany a century tea family,
    Cherish every flower, every one nutrient fruit, first fruit of vitamins, carotenoids
    Other trace elements extracted, after drying the fruit, most finely spray method was used back in the nutrition,
    Do not waste a flower a fruit nutrients.
    By its rich craftsmanship and experience to create the basis for competition with different tea in enchanting aroma.

    **::: themselves with tea and warm feelings in the heart of the urban jungle :::**
    In every detail design of packaging and tea products itself, a 24-paragraph story,
    Free with your favorite fragrance to accompany you willing to feel for this wonderful mind.

    **::: six kinds of tea products Meiyan theme :::**
    Taste mellow and full of personality, taste for tea even more sensitive can feel different after taste before.
    In the hot brew moment can have tangy aroma, tea master tone according to the characteristics of various fruit and tea clever
    Wonderful mix of sweet taste from strong to then cool, perfect mixing ratios of each style.

    Here are six tea may optionally match your favorite Chaguan
    When the next set, I remember hearing a private message tell us what you want Which tea
    (Sorry! There are currently cranberry nectar out of the Mi-yeon, please forgive me!)

    **::: Let's take Miss Mori drink tea :::**
    (Mug) Thermal bubble method
    1. Take a teabag
    2. 100 degree hot water injected 300cc
    3. The first bubble can dip to 3-5 min / continuous infusion 2-3 times
    4. Recommendations based on personal preferences add fructose, honey or fresh fruit, add flavor

    (Teapot) Thermal bubble method
    1. Prepare a teapot, glass or ceramic material can be.
    2. Take one to two packets of tea bags
    3. Fill the 100 degree hot water 500-600cc
    4. The first bubble may dip to 3-5 min / continuous infusion 2-3 times
    5. Recommendations based on personal preferences add fructose, honey or fresh fruit, add flavor

    Cold soak method
    1. Take a teabag
    2. injected 300cc cold water at room temperature
    3. Add the refrigerator for 2-4 hours
    4. Recommendations based on personal preferences add fructose, honey or fresh fruit, add flavor
    Ice cool German can enjoy fruit tea Hello

    **Confidence Declaration ::: :::**
    1. raw materials from sorting, drying, shredding, blending and other processes strict producer,
    By produce the necessary test, in line with regulations of the European Union and Taiwan.
    By SGS safety inspection
    2. raw Jincang, categorized Reserve managers round the clock to keep 20 ℃
    The temperature and relative humidity of 55%, maintaining the herbal tea / flower nectar raw material quality and freshness.
    3. The three-dimensional tea bags within bags imported from Japan, heat-resistant PET network, all packaging materials after
    Domestic and impartial unit inspected.

    **::: Shelf life: Two years :::**
    **::: Chaguan Contents: 15 tea bags three-dimensional package :::**
    Origin / manufacturing methods
    Origin Germany
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Miss Mori [Chadian] Germany flower nectar / migratory habits / Souvenir / tea bags

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