:::*CaWaiiDaisy*::: Purple*Orange Sunstone*Moonstone * rhodochrosite silver bracelets


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    **+++ Finally replenishment to this cheap and beautiful rhodochrosite bracelet !!! please grasp the opportunity. +++**
    **+++ Spot silver flowers cover trade flat to making plans petals style. +++**
    **+++ Please refer spot commodity level making plans, try them according to different batches of the same paragraph beads photos. +++**









    Purple Orange Sunstone + + + moonstone rhodochrosite silver bracelets

    Product Description:

    Until finally the parity beautiful rhodochrosite, pink is very beautiful, some slightly translucent beads,

    Few beads have obvious black lines, fundamental, refer to the photograph than Oh!

    Waited a long time to get the goods, the price has been pretty rhodochrosite, please seize the opportunity.

    Purple bucket with lavender beads and cat eye effect Sands orange sun stone, perfectly clear blue moonstone

    Most metal parts are pure silver.

    Photo some dark and some light is deliberately taking pictures for your reference in a different light.

    Photo retouching deliberately not too bright, clearly showing transmittance and natural color.

    daisy using natural stone are no post-production processing plus color, sometimes there are obvious black spots, blemishes and other ore shortage is normal.

    -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------

    Product dimensions:

    Rhodochrosite -6.5MM (rhodochrosite low hardness, please try not to pay attention to the collision when worn)

    Moonstone -5.8MM

    Orange Sunstone -6.8MM

    Purple barrel beads - about 1.5CM * 1CM

    Silver ball -5MM

    This entry bracelet recommend hand around 16. wear, daisy wearing slightly loose.

    * Daisy store natural stone bracelets use the Japanese silk elastic cord for easy wear.
    * To change, please remember to inform, as the case may need to increase the fare increase be sure to consult in advance, thank you.
    * Daisy circumference of about 15CM hand for reference.
    * Hand around within the meaning of XX XX is in the size range are worn down.
    If labeled hand around within 15 to wear, but your actual hand is around 13, then this course is too large,
    Be sure to inform your private information around the hand Oh!

    -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------

    * ... → Hand circumference measurement methods:

    Take a tape measure around the smallest digital wrist circle is surrounded by hand, do not deliberately tighten or relax Oh!
    Especially if used to wearing loose or HT sure to inform in advance.
    Elastic line bracelets size should be large enough to pass through smoothly into the palm of your hand with the wrist bone wear wrist,
    Therefore, do not like to wear a wire line bracelet hands together.
    Everyone is not the same skeleton,
    If palm relatively generous, so then fine wrist bracelet to wear elastic thread will loose some of bias.
    Will try to do in accordance with the bracelet design proportional adjustment daisy resized.
    For questions about the merchandise, then the size of the first letter of inquiry is welcome.

    -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------
    daisy insistence

    * Silver-plated brass beads - made of high-quality silver-plated brass beads, extremely difficult to oxidation, easy to maintain than silver.
    (Note: there will be an edge bead traces of oxidation is normal, because the beads will often rub the edges.)
    * Sterling silver beads - shiny silver beads with stars retro sense for the old silver beads, sterling silver materials are 925, will be with the oxide, silver polishing cloth maintenance required.
    * Hands Jewelry Unless otherwise indicated, all using Japanese silk elastic cord.
    * Daisy hand create natural stone jewelry are no post-production processing of dyeing, the normal way to wear words will not fade.
    (Part of the ore due to the nature afraid of water, heat intolerance would first note.)
    * Natural stone crystal jewelry, daisy will be cleaned and then shipped, the buyer can feel at ease.
    * Jewelry is required to avoid a collision with the touch of water, especially not wearing bathing hot springs and other dishes,
    Easily oxidized metal parts will lead crystal or discoloration.
    * Natural stone jewelry will be worn due to personal situation may change slightly on the color,
    But not everyone will happen, if there can be doubt contact.

    -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------

    Trading Notes

    ˙ * natural stone will have more or less ice cracks, obvious lack of ore, slightly different size beads and other conditions,
    ˙ * Photos will try to render the physical landscape, but also because of different camera angles, how many there will be error, please accept again deal!
    ˙ * Goods can be modified in accordance with buyer demand adjustment, as the case may charge a fee to modify details please discuss it with me.
    ˙ * because everyone's computer monitor screen are different, a little color situation can not be avoided in online shopping,
    If you can not accept it is not recommended to order.
    ˙ * Hands goods are entitled to free-for-line service within six months once (back and forth by the buyer can afford postage)
    ˙ * shipping time to "pay later" sent out within three working days, excluding holidays, if urgently, please contact us.
    ˙ * natural stone jewelry will be worn with the situation and have the signs of aging,
    Like the surface of the beads may become comparative fog, light is not originally worn
    This is inevitable, wearing silver gold bracelet for a long time there will be little impact signs of wear,
    Therefore, when wearing jewelry, please try not to hit knock.

    Origin / manufacturing methods
    Made in Taiwan handmade
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:::*CaWaiiDaisy*::: Purple*Orange Sunstone*Moonstone * rhodochrosite silver bracelets

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