150cc tank [MSA] retro salad special glass engraving glass jars Salad Snacking necessary tank salad SALAD in a JAR jam jar (excluding drinks fruit without straw)


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  • **Please contact press [designer] Remarks lettering content (in English, Japanese and Korean digital can)**

    Italy Bormioli Rocco
    Glass washer of this series of products are in line with Swiss SQTS food grade safety inspection standards
    Daily salad special light tank can of food one day
    Each piece custom engraving are required to be simple engraved name or date
    **Do not accept no engraving retail**


    Brand: MSA GLASS ENGRAVING glass carving
    Brand: Bormioli Rocco Italy
    Material :( bottles) glass jar / sealed cans
    Size: diameter of about 7.5cm x height of about 8.3cm / 150cc
    Weight :( bottles) of about 160g
    Lid: metal cover

    **Customized Range: Limit the name engraved (Digital Britain, Japan and Korea can)**
    **(Content exceeds the range name to be based on the text in addition offer, welcomed the consultation)**
    **(Special customized according to the complexity of the additional offer, welcome to provide custom drawing)**

    Suggested Use: You can use cold or ice cream at room temperature 70 degrees, if the need to drink than the hot water temperature to improve some of the recommendations through the first tank body temperature to avoid instantaneous temperature, poured into ice water and do not directly heat water or directly into the boiling hot hot !!

    Italian production of tempered glass can be boiled extent of about 100 degrees thermal shock (when the main production vacuum bottles), certified by BSI green glass, to ensure that long-term use does not release any chemical composition, ease to use

    **Full range of sizes**

    Glass washer of this series of products are in line with Swiss SQTS food grade safety inspection standards
    Can sterilization and vacuum sealed
    Principle: the use of different materials of different coefficients of thermal expansion and contraction
    Description: The first heated air squeezed out of the inner bottle, cap special lining also obstruct the air out during cooling forms a vacuum
    1. Load the food inside bottle washed about 9% full, and then fasten the cap
    2. pot, add water to cover the entire bottle, heated to boiling Teng, depending on the food boiling time decision
    3. Turn left in the pot after the fire bottles built completely cooled, then the cap will recess on behalf of the central vacuum formed
    4. Save the process to follow to determine whether or not the vacuum bottle recess
    5. Turn the recess will snap back and "bo" sound


    2015 Broadwood pot of freshly brewed Italian one day without the burden
    [Plan] light food popular in Europe and America light food glass jar salad SALAD in a JAR

    **New healthy eating trends, teach you homemade salad Salad in a Jar jar**
    From lemonade to healthy fruits and vegetables now we more and more like light food, in addition to European and American workers pandemic has swept Japan, Taiwan, do not miss the beauty of the family this delicious looking nice simple new diet every day will be full of vitality, Especially in thin friends even bring a bottle salad Hao fashion!
    Capacity glass jar with your favorite fruits and vegetables to clear stratification of color, to meet the visual enjoyment but also adds a taste of happiness. Supplementary usually eat enough fruits and vegetables, for example, with a preference needs slimming DIY detox ingredients, how do you want to take a look at tips ~

    1, you can use a good tune salad dressing (or buy ready-made sauces)
    2, hard, less absorbent or comparison dipping ingredients on the bottom.
    3, fruits and leafy vegetables as far away from the lower layer, can protect the fresh and crisp.

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    マレーシアUS$ 27.44US$ 13.72
    中国US$ 27.44US$ 13.72
    日本US$ 41.16US$ 0.00
    タイUS$ 27.44US$ 13.72
    香港US$ 10.29US$ 5.15
    その他の国・地域US$ 102.90US$ 20.58
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150cc tank [MSA] retro salad special glass engraving glass jars Salad Snacking necessary tank salad SALAD in a JAR jam jar (excluding drinks fruit without straw)

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