[Mother's Day] caramel chocolate cake Melaleuca -7 inches.


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  • [Angels & Demons call - caramel chocolate Melaleuca 7 inch]
    Angel with a mask of milk sugar,
    With gorgeous chocolate produced little devil,
    Once met, absolutely bring you,
    Shocking surprise taste buds,
    And all this,
    Comes from the core Yi fullest mind.

    • the day of production, the same day shipping.
    (Yi core team will be to study abroad, to suspend shipments of 5/22,
    Note that the next set time Oh! Thank you for your support during this time)

    * The main ingredients
    French pizza Melaleuca Paper: eggs, sugar, flour, Niuxilanan good cream, milk
    Filling: animal cream, vegetable cream, bittersweet chocolate, milk chocolate, caramel sauce stir by hand

    * Size (This product is 7-inch)
    7 inches, suitable for 8-10 people to enjoy (diameter about 17cm)
    4 inches, suitable for 2 to 4 people to enjoy (diameter about 13cm)

    To wrap around the edge of the edge of Melaleuca, to avoid air entering affect the taste.
    Another packaging cartons, paper bags.

    * Plate: 7 inches 2 parts, 1 part of 4 inches (1 to 4 in)

    * Candles: Whenever you need to specify only attached (only question mark)

    * Best tasting Term: refrigerated 3 days (including the day of production), the packaging also described

    * Sprinkle Version selection:
    "Happy birthday happy birthday ~"
    "Read my mind ~ !! ~~ accept my mind."
    "Read my mind ~ core Yi"
    "Mother's Day sprinkle Edition"
    "Christmas tree sprinkled Edition ~ A. B. cute snowman"

    Delivery [Note]
    1. When did things to
    Delivery will be the day after the mailing date to Hello!

    2. Can specify the date of arrival
    Yes, Yi core products are sent today to tomorrow, but must be compatible with the core Yi shipping time and order quantity, black cat black cats arrival time can be specified delivery period (before noon), (12:00 → 17), the (17:00 → 20), the absence of a specified time, are all before noon.

    3. No sent to outer islands
    Not recommended to send to outer islands, because of the fresh food is not suitable to be sent outside the island, so it is sent to the main island.

    4. How to change the recipient information
    You can change the recipient information with core Yi has not sent before the cake can not be changed after sending.

    5. How to check delivery status
    If the goods do not arrive at the appointed time distribution, core Yi will provide you with a set of "parcel tracking numbers" for your query.

    6. Black Cat will be notified by phone
    Yi core using black cat black cats, at arrival, would call to contact you.

    7. after receipt of goods in question how flap
    Customer complaints at the time of receipt, if the box has been significantly damaged condition may be rejected if the current sign, home delivery will be deemed that you can accept this package, rather than the admissibility later.

    8. Delivery still somewhat the problem of collisions, resulting in deformation or spill plate Melaleuca paste off, the core Yi has been constantly improving and strengthening Melaleuca fixed manner, but I believe we have Taiwan road experience, very uneven, it is possible to accept guests with orders again !! (core Yi new fixed way, the problem has improved significantly deformed, greatly reducing the accident rate)

    Origin / manufacturing methods
    Made in Taiwan / handmade
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[Mother's Day] caramel chocolate cake Melaleuca -7 inches.



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