♥ Anne Crazy Antique ♥ British Bone - Royal Albert Royal Albert 1989 Limited Spring, Summer, Autumn, Autumn, Four Seasons

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♥ Anne Crazy Antique ♥ British Bone - Royal Albert Royal Albert 1989 Limited Spring, Summer, Autumn, Autumn, Four Seasons


♥ ~ Brand: Royal Albert

♥ ~ Material: Bone China

♥ ~ Origin: England

♥ ~ Size: cake plate diameter 21.5cm

A total of 7, spring x1 summer x2 winter x2 autumn x2

♥ ~ details:

This Royal Albert four season limited edition of the "winter"

Is the original works of art in 1989, drawn by the painter ~ FF Errill, cake edge edge there FF Errill signature (Figure 2 left)

In addition to the continuation of the Royal Albert old town rose the traditional design ~ red rose + 22K gold gold trim,

Cakes are also added to the edge of the rose elements of Phnom Penh.

So that the whole cake looks like a beautiful lace around the rim as beautiful.

No angle, cracks, scratches or drag gold situation

Bone porcelain products for the 22k gold inlaid design, should avoid the use of vegetables and cloth cleaning, and microwave use.

Limited edition merchandise, worth collecting.

There are other seasons on the store (Figure 3), welcome to visit the purchase

Non-Southeast Asian factory production. Like Royal Albert friends can surf the Internet goodle; collectors of Royal Albert China will know how to buy this series of goods backstamp, why the same goods due to different origin, so the price will be different Oh ^ ^ ~ of course Also welcome the letter asked Anne Oh.

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♥ ~ brand story:

Royal Albert is one of the three major brands of Royal Doulton. Royal Albert is the favorite brand of Princess Diana in the UK, classical and elegant composition of the 22K edge of the British high consumption of aristocratic darling.

If you want to merge the purchase of other goods on the store, please let me know which items to be merged, I will calculate the freight costs for you and 9% of the total freight to the buyer, thank you!

The antique hand or semi-hand tools non-modern machine molded goods to the perfect and how many years will use the traces of the ancient but the charm of the modern machine molded goods can not show drops. Please read the product picture, description and "About me." Please ask for the perfect buyer. Please be sure to answer any questions about the product.

Thank you for a visitong me here and hope you enjoy your shopping here

♥ ~ Annie Shih ~ ♥
Origin / manufacturing method
United Kingdom


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