Taiwan's national treasures Ming goods - Sun Link Sea high cold tea gift of choice !!

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Taiwan's national treasures Ming goods - Sun Link Sea high cold tea gift of choice !!


Several million hectares of original fir forest, making it a unique gas Sun Link Sea mountain tea area. High Altitude Green Heart Oolong artificial hand-picking, full particles after kneading group, Tea for years to draw mountains rich in amino acids unique aura of the earth, a little heavy alcohol degrees, more mature temperament. Flavor: fragrant orchids in with woody, rich taste level, vigorous and full-bodied tea Brown: Green Huang Mingliang Water temperature: 95 degrees The amount of tea: 1/4 pot Weight: 150g Region: Taiwan Sun Link Sea "Taiwan's national treasures tea series" Family bow --- tea houses Li Wu cares for women toil picking, the special launch "national treasure Ming goods series" women feel 恩辛劳 the team, Taiwan hundred percent and selected high-quality tea, to compose a series of five classic David Taiwan tea, "Lishan high cold tea, Alishan mountain tea, Sun Link Sea high cold tea, Oolong Tea, ruby black top." High altitude mountain water, moist air, the temperature difference between day and night so that stray light and sweet tea quality even more full, Mountain microclimate, clever affect every tea producing diverse and fine terroir differences Creating distinctive, classic Tea and distinctive areas. "Taiwan's national treasures," is a woman picking a title, thanksgiving group head bowed, his hands had been blacked out the sun tea woman who, No one knows them's name, even forgot their existence, but it is their hard work achievements the perfect cup of tea. Picking process, misty, tea broad, but always know the distance that man, Because they each have their own piece of cloth, such as identification card in general, no matter how far away, thick fog, to see the color you know. Woman picking followed the spirit of Taiwan's national treasures Ming goods series, each with a tea, there is a representative of fabric sewn cloth flowers, Handmade packaging, like a careful and rigorous hand-picking time, with the palm of the temperature transfer in good faith that this is a gift, Taiwan's national treasures Ming Tea ceremony, a gift is also a move. -------------------------------------------------- -------- "Lee Wu's insistence." . Taiwan hundred percent use of high-quality raw slices of tea . Without adding any artificial chemical ingredients and spices . Insist on hand-picking, to ensure complete release of the full energy of tea . Adhere to the traditional method, the old master of rubbing expel fermented, roasted and sufficient time Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan ancient rolling


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