English enamel pan set - Red | FALCON

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English enamel pan set - Red | FALCON


Falcon Falcon enamel UK
Since 1920, falcon family in the UK to play an indispensable corner, with its stylish minimalist lines, classic and elegant color, more important is the ceramic high-temperature characteristics, it can withstand chemical paint surface erosion and up to 270 degree heat cooking material, not only in the cooker oven and dishwasher, you can also use the gas stove and barbecue grills, due to the uniform heating characteristics, from soup to cook salty pie dessert production not a problem!

Size: 37cm pot roast * 1
34cm baking tray * 1
31cm baking tray * 1
20cm pie pan * 2
Material: Enamel enamel thick version
color: red

[What is enamel]

The term English as enamel enamel, called the people have the habit of enamel, enamel, etc. Yang Ci.
Enamel is somehow attached to the metal surfaces from glass to burn. Adding a metal compound, who could change the color of the metal colored the unique purpose. Enamel is baked on hot metal, a layer of glass film formation due to high temperature and therefore do not release harmful toxins,
When cooking and enamel products, metal surface not in direct contact with food, it will not affect the flavor of food. Because enamel also have acid resistance, ideal for use when making jam or tomato sauce!
There are enamel products by low thermal conductivity, heat evenly, it is suitable to do with the enamel pot cabbage roll, potato stew, stew soup stew and other dishes. And the enamel surface of the article is made of glass and taste the bacteria difficult to attach, so clean-up is a good advantage. Further enamel series of products are all hand-made, with material properties during manufacture, so much in different parts of the surface, there may be some tiny black, depressions or pores small black metal creases and so on, or appears at the grip relatively thin glaze or slightly uneven uneven situation, which was normal.

Note: Do not microwave. Do not burn empty, do not use rough scouring pads can be used to make the foam material surface can be cleaned.

[Remove tea stains, coffee stains]
One of the characteristics of enamel tableware is relatively easily absorbed brown,
But only in the cup into the warm water,
Add a tablespoon of baking soda, stir to stand for three hours
If there are residual color and then use a sponge to lightly Oh!

[] When rusted
Because glass glazed really too easy to maintain, and
Will only meet at the edges slightly to close the iron rust points situation,
With a small steel brush except rust rust after point,
Apply a thin layer of cooking oil, easy to do maintenance Oh!

【Please note】
• Do not microwave
· Enamel is glass, please avoid dropping impact or external force such as a collision.
• Do not place the oven and cook top or a long roll.
· Never empty pot roast class, if not carefully air burning, please do not add water while waiting for natural cooling.
• Do not let enamel in excessive temperature environments. For example, rapid cooling after heating, can cause enamel peeling.
Please dry cleaned after Use.
· To not damage the surface, do not use a metal brush or scouring powder.


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