Christmas ball [MSA] Bear weather snow lovers (Mini Edition 11cm) bottles imported from Japan Tempo Drop weather snow snow X Japan bear custom name

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Christmas ball [MSA] Bear weather snow lovers (Mini Edition 11cm) bottles imported from Japan Tempo Drop weather snow snow X Japan bear custom name


**Press [contact] Remarks designer lettering content (in English, Japanese and Korean digital can)**

Brand: MSA GLASS ENGRAVING designer hand carved
Brand: Tempo Drop
Material: glass, distilled water, alcohol, potassium nitrate, ammonium chloride and camphor
Size: about 8 cm x height of about 11 cm (excluding mini-version of wooden blocks, about the size can be put in the hands)
Features: different shapes crystallization, precipitation and other weather conditions forecast
Ⓐ liquid cloudy - cloudy
Ⓑ liquid clear - the weather is nice
Ⓒ feather crystallization increase - cooling or rain
Ⓓ feather crystallization reduction - weather temperature rises eased
Ⓔ stellate crystalline fall - snow !!
(Can not be as accurate as the weather broadcast feature, primarily as a visual beautiful glass artwork and little prediction)

Crystallization gradually reduced, indicating that the weather was relatively warm conditions.
There are star-shaped crystal and falling down when, on behalf of myself to snow! (Taiwan should be difficult to see> _ <)
When feathery crystallization gradually increased, said that it would cool or rainy weather
When the bottle of liquid cloudy hazy, cloudy sky on behalf of gloomy
When the bottle liquid clean and clear, on behalf of the cloudless weather

Just received 1-2 weeks to let crystals stable and adapt to the environment and to avoid direct sunlight or put in air conditioning before,
Storm glass may not stand Oh!
Do not put regards direct sunlight and the cool air at the outlet to avoid deterioration and misalignment.
When the weather changes in effect opened the ball position placed beyond our control, it is impossible to change little or no grounds to a replacement crystal and glass products without any after-sale warranty, please understand small reorder avoid misunderstandings and disputes

**Customized range: Bear couple + a text (three to five Chinese characters or English letters about 8 to 10)**
**(Special customized according to the complexity of the additional offer, welcome to provide custom drawing)**

Tempo Drop weather temperature bottle, is the use of crystals to observe the principle of temperature change.
Sealed glass placed in a special liquid (alcohol and camphor), the liquid inside may become turbid from clear, crystal snowflakes become so judged that the weather outside is sunny overcast, there snowstorm.

Of course, it can not be so accurate as the weather forecast, but feel the change in temperature can also be turned into a beautiful work of art, visual effects designer with engraved text up to feel beautiful and also received the gift of a friend, not just perceived temperature also feel happiness, joy and love

**Q & A about the weather ball**
1. "weather ball change principle."
Sealed glass placed in a special liquid (alcohol and camphor) should mainly due to "the temperature, pressure and crystallization"

2. "interior also sensitive to?"
Because air pressure, so on the interior also sensed. Pressure is w / high and low points = low pressure on behalf of bad weather, that is, before it rains you will feel very pro-baked, when there is a positive pressure in a low pressure state is the opposite - high pressure.

"Crystal ball within the product group weather" 3
Will be spread over a period of time.

4. "weather ball is the possibility of long-term sun exposure."
Try not good, because it is possible to make the crystal and to reduce evaporation.

5. "weather ball does not change" = because just opened, is normal after unpacking a week later will change.

6. "whether the Right? Why so little change?"
This would also not answer ~ Kongzhibuliao ball every weather change, but it must be as a decoration out of the

This certainly beats the TV weather man in aesthetics!
Tempo Drop is a modern take on a storm glass, a natural way to forecast the weather.

It is a sealed glass container filled with a liquid compound. Gazing at the transforming liquid interior will give you a rough indication of weather conditions.

It is made from glass, camphor, ethanol and a compound of other liquids,
harking back to the historical storm glass devices that the likes of Charles Darwin once trusted and used.

But we think you'll agree that the look is still decidedly modern and chic. While of course it can not ever be as accurate or reliable as a barometer or actual meteorological forecast, you will be hard pressed to find a more beautiful way to tell you how mother nature is doing.

Japan storm glass original packing (小天氣瓶的雕刻效果參考) (大天氣瓶的雕刻效果參考)

**MSA does not manufacture any glass ceramics, glass sculpture material from the branded goods purchased or imported by the designer, custom price includes utensils and carving off the development system, not to sell goods without MSA carving creation**

Origin / manufacturing methods


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