joydivision vintage purse One card bit minimalist designer colors handmade leather wallet card package

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joydivision vintage purse One card bit minimalist designer colors handmade leather wallet card package

商品説明!!381079337.jpg joydivision vintage coins card package  size 11 * 9cm!!381079337.jpg!!381079337.jpg!!381079337.jpg You can easily put down three cards / coins banknotes Not only to meet the everyday needs of u Feel good piece of original skin can make you feel more leather charm!!381079337.jpg!!381079337.jpg ** For JOYVISION VINTAGE ** Weng newly established brand in Hong Kong; Mao & amp designer Two young, hobby music, art and retro retro designers to create an independent brand  The production process is extremely lengthy and rigorous  Tanning, oiling, sutures process personally insisted grade leather manual The final product is very durable and will as time goes by Color gradually become more deep and attractive.!!381079337.jpg What is vegetable tanned leather?    Vegetable tanned leather cowhide leather is the best One species, it is different from the current common skin painting (painting skin on the market is to be sprayed on the skin One layer of skin pulp, used to cover the original skin texture, defects, After the cow belly position and therefore excessive skin blemishes, usually are conducted using paint processing), it is the whole façade leather arouse suspicion of the most primitive state show in person, and as such, each JOYDIVISION package, have can not be copied, and this is the reason we selected plant designer melted skin.   - What kind of marks within the normal range?     Since cattle in the growth process will produce gadfly India, small scars, texture, and growth can not be avoided, so as One fine black specks, light black small scratches, regular colorless textures within the normal range.     Also in the manual production process will leave some handmade signs and One little error, not like the machine-like lines One hundred percent perfect. Defects will be obvious?     When we made a lot of marks on the grave of discarded leather. One generally relatively small imperfections, and even shiny after using One segment of time, the bag color becomes, at that time even though some scratch texture, will gradually fade, finished in the course will gradually raise their own unique The patina of color, and texture, that slowly running process can become addictive.       Do not like the carefully shot! - Note: For color and odor Many students hand bag brown color reaction no pictures deep, because we are the factory color One point will be relatively light, as our bags with leather will change during use (and lv leather handle One sample) darken over time, so we are deliberately at the factory when dealing with light One more, is to make it a better experience for the user One color process. Because of the new package immediately after production soon, and express transportation process in a sealed box, long distances, if heavier taste can ventilate days is normal, natural smell of leather smell, no harm to human body, ease of use ! Origin / manufacturing methods Shanghai


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