About the big day series in life #942 ||雾金||Retro high-heeled wedding shoes

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☆big day☆ About the big day series in life #942 ||雾金||Retro high-heeled wedding shoes


About the big day series in life #942 ||雾金||Retro high-heeled wedding shoes


#成黄脸婆 is definitely not in the life choice of the aging mother to make herself a better day #多了的甜家庭责任大日子 #伴伴闺蜜 helps her pull a good wedding dress to accompany her to the toilet, I don’t fall, she doesn’t fall, she runs for the big day. #平平 with a male partner only needs a perfect 4.5 cm happiness from seeing his different big days #Participating in one of the conditions of mate selection is 180 centimeters tall. I definitely need a pair of higher and no high heels. #Formally become a partner big day #老板 wants to take me to the official party big day #小员小小主管大日子 #我的毕业礼大日 #first trip to the nightclub big day #用钱在嘴口 is to choose a pair of shoes that are not only worn once, enough momentum enough to wear enough texture, then need a big day \\Vamp fog gold soft cowhide \\After the new water dyed cowhide \\ inner ventilated suede skin \\ The front height is about 1 cm and the height is about 10 cm. \\ version is too large Please write to us for size stock Provide actual foot length and width to give you more correct size recommendations The color of the saturated lining leather in the water (raining sweat) is a natural phenomenon. Please pay attention to the dark socks to avoid dyeing the feet. The new shoes a short time before the short-term wear, for example, wear to buy bean curd or walk indoors to keep the body temperature so that the leather softens the fit and then wears out to scare If the leather meets the water, please remember to dry it naturally, such as blowing a fan or placing it in a cool and ventilated place to avoid sun exposure or hot air blowing. Remind that footwear products should be worn regularly. If left standing for a long time, it may accelerate the oxidation of the adhesive and cause the bottom to fall off. The more natural the leather is, the smaller it is. ! If the upper leather has uneven color, we like the distressed retro effect. It is normal for the master to manually rub the color. =========================================== The shoes are all designed by myself. Comfortable and breathable leather inside and out Each series adheres to a very small amount (ten to twenty pairs) At the same time, 2 online stores in 2 physical stores are also sold at the same time. Don't worry about hitting shoes everywhere I really recommend it to you who love you differently. Because each shoe version is different The size is also slightly different Please write to us first. We will also give size recommendations for your foot type. Please contact us to confirm if there is any stock and then place an order. Origin / manufacturing methods Made In Hong Kong


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