[Old Fashioned Jewelry Box] Small Jewelry Box Old Box Hexagonal European Jewelry Box

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The product condition is shown in the picture, and the photo is the description. Please look at the detailed photo. The old-fashioned jewellery boxes are all old products, with flaking, abrasion, and yellowing. The switch is normal and can be used for display and collection. Only dust removal and cleaning will be done before shipment, and no special cleaning


[Old Fashioned Jewelry Box] Small Jewelry Box Old Box Hexagonal European Jewelry Box


**◆Product description◆** **The product condition is shown in the picture, please take a closer look at the detailed photos.** **The old-fashioned jewellery boxes are old products, with flaking, abrasion, and yellowing. The opening and closing are normal, and they can be used for display and collection.** **Only dust removal and cleaning will be done before shipment, and no special cleaning and polishing will be done. Please make sure to see if the degree of obsolescence is acceptable before placing an order!** .. ●**Commodity source: United States** ●**Size: Length and width of outer box-6.8 x 6 (cm), height-2 (cm)** ●**Objects larger than 3 cm cannot be put down.** ●**Material: Hardware+Paper+Fleece** .. The drawer where the boss put the small box is almost full, and some small jewelry boxes that he collected early are released one after another. These small boxes come from the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Taiwanese thrift dealers. They can be used normally. They are good for decoration and display props. Most of them are original boxes of well-known jewellery in the early days. I will take the details of each part clearly, and the photos are the description. Some of these small jewelry boxes abroad are even more expensive than jewelry. Many people are rushing to collect them. They are in good condition and beautiful in shape. The price is high. I will gradually replace these old-fashioned jewelry boxes. If you are interested, don't miss it! .. ★ This is an old western antique, not a brand new product. The photos are all real objects and taken under natural light. The details of the condition are as shown in the photos. Please take a close look at each photo. ★ Online shopping products cannot actually touch the real object, so they will take close-up details + zoom in to take photos of the texture of the object. Please be sure to take good care of each photo. ★ The maximum number of pinkoi photos can only be 9. The details of multiple sides cannot be photographed one by one. The largest flaws will be photographed and marked. Please consider whether you can accept the small flaws of the old jewelry before buying. .. **● Please read the size and condition of the product description clearly, and consider whether the size is appropriate. Don’t place an order impulsively when you see Meimei’s photos, thank you for your cooperation** .. **●If you choose old items as gifts, please measure whether the other party accepts such old items?** **There are defects, traces of use... These are all situations. If your gift recipients are not acceptable, please go to the pinkoi platform to buy other brand "new" products as gifts.** .. "**Purchase Notice**" __◆**Packaging material for the corner of the old days**◆__ All old accessories purchased online, mailed, or sent by express will be properly packaged in the Old Time Corner. To avoid pressure, drop, bump, wet (rain) during transportation, we will use cardboard box + thin waterproof plastic sleeve + bubble wrap before sending it out. .. __◆**Notice for buyers purchasing Vintage Jewelry for the first time**◆__ ■ The antique jewelry we sell are "not brand new". Most of them were produced in the 1940s and 1970s. They are all more than 10 years old, so they have a certain trace of time and a sense of age → just old! ■**Please do not treat it as a brand-new product**; the old jewelry photos we sell are a lot of photos. Detailed inspection of product details photos and descriptions are steps that you will confirm before purchase, so post-purchase is not accepted Returns and exchanges due to differences in personal perceptions. ■ "The screen will have color difference! 》This is one of the risks that online shopping has to bear. If you cannot accept this slight gap, it means that you are not suitable to buy goods on an online platform. ■ The goods are damaged due to force majeure in the delivery process. If the received goods are absolutely different from the original pictures of the goods (such as broken goods), refunds can be submitted; if the goods are received, the "imaginary appearance", color difference, and size are not suitable. .. and other related issues that are not damaged due to the shipping process, there is no refund. .. __◆**Maintenance of old jewelry**◆__ ■ Please do not put jewelry of various and different material properties in the same drawer or jewelry box, because the hardness of the jewelry materials are different, and they will rub against each other and cause wear and scratches. ■ For sports, housework, etc., please remove your accessories to avoid damage due to external collisions. ■ Try not to touch sweat, rain, sea water, perfume and cosmetics, and do not bathe with accessories. ■ The climate in Taiwan is humid. If you do not wear it for a long time, please wipe the old jewelry with a dry cloth → put it in a sealed bag to avoid contact with the air. ■ Necklace items should be stored separately from the necklace and the chain. You can put the "pendent" in a small sealed bag → the outside and the chain should be placed in a large sealed bag for storage.


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