iroha ukidama bamboo rhyme golden night light vibration massager vibrating egg

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It can float in the bathtub, in a warm room with dim lights in the evening, relax in the ambiguous atmosphere of light and shadow, and relax in the light atmosphere. Turn on the vibration and gentle massage to heal tired body and mind.


iroha ukidama bamboo rhyme golden night light vibration massager vibrating egg



● The Japanese style reinterprets the appearance of sex toys ● It is a decoration, atmospheric lighting and a super vibrating vibrator ● Float in the bathtub, in the warm room in the dark evening For you who know how to live and how to please yourself Can float in the bathtub, in a warm room in the dark evening In the ambiguous atmosphere of light and shadow, relax in the light atmosphere Turn on vibration and gentle massage to heal tired body and mind Massage the arms, neck, and calves after a busy day, and walk slowly on the skin Iroha ukidama floating light ball can help you firmly grasp this throbbing and be your helper for self-pleasure [Dr. Highly recommended for fun] The sex toys produced by Japan's TENGA have always been internationally renowned for their quality design and innovation. Among them, the products of the TENGA female brand Iroha have won many Japanese design awards! Iroha not only reinterprets the appearance of sex toys with a Japanese style, each product also has its own originality and practicality. TENGA Iroha ukidama vibrating floating light ball, it can be decorations, atmospheric lamps, or super vibrating vibrator that makes women happy. It includes all the characteristics of pleasing women, and is an innovative product that combines elegance, beauty, and ultimate climax. . [Interesting Trial Member No. 1🙋🏻‍♂️comparison] I have always wanted to buy vibrating eggs to increase the fun between our husbands and wives, but my wife always refuses toys to join our sex because the shape of the vibrating eggs is ugly, weird, and it is not necessary to make an A movie, until I found Iroha floating She said that she could give it a try. Iroha's floating ball of light is a work of art. It is usually placed directly on the bedside table and used as a small lamp to look at the mood. The thunder ignited the fire on the day. Let our lusts explode! Sometimes we will follow TENGA's promotional video to take a bath. The swaying dim lights are very romantic, like going back to the candlelight dinner when we first dated, but now the main course of my dinner has become my wife. The Iroha floating light ball is like a concentrated catalyst. Its appearance increases the time for the two of us to bathe, make love, and talk together. This time, it is really the right treasure, even the wife is willing to try other Iroha products. 🌸【Product Specifications】 Commodity brand: TENGA iroha Commodity material: Silicone, TPU, ABS, PC Product weight: 72g Features: float in the bathtub, vibrating massager Packing size: length 85 × width 85 × height 85 (mm/mm) Product content: magnetic electric connector, special USB charging cable Manufacturing place: MADE IN JAPAN made in Japan 🌸【Recommendations for use】 1. It is recommended to use water-based lubricating fluids for sex products. Do not use oil-based and silicon-based lubricating fluids, which will damage the surface of silicone toys.>< 2. Please pay attention to cleanliness before and after use. You can spray the special antibacterial liquid for sex toys before and after use to keep the toys absolutely clean! 🌸【Cleaning attention】 1. Please use neutral detergent when cleaning, do not use hot water, alcohol, non-neutral detergent 2. If the product is not an IPX7 waterproof product, do not directly rinse or soak the switch or power supply part when cleaning, so as to avoid short-circuit and unusable. 🌸【Storage and maintenance】 1. After cleaning, please wipe clean and keep dry 2. Avoid storing in direct sunlight, high temperature, high humidity, please store in a cool place 💟 Guarantee that the products are officially authorized distributors and original authentic products 💟 Shipment is secretly packaged, there will not be any sex goods words - Image license number: TENIlEa9d00550884511 The copyrights of TENGA product images used on this page belong to TENGA Japan Headquarters and Taiwan Branch. This page is authorized to use due to proper application procedures, and arbitrary reprinting and alteration are prohibited.


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