Leslie Cheung Lyrics Card with Greeting Card | Valentine's Day Card | Birthday Card | Anniversary Card

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Greeting Cards ● Empty Cassette ● Leslie Cheung Lyrics Limited Exclusive ● Comes with a brand new empty cassette cover ● New York Design Week exhibition ● Upgraded design



Leslie Cheung Lyrics Card with Greeting Card | Valentine's Day Card | Birthday Card | Anniversary Card


https://youtu.be/yg-NpIYpjmM exclusive! This unique cassette is actually an innovative greeting card! Rehyphen "upgrades and rebuilds" the empty cassettes after weaving them, and returns to society in the form of cassette greeting cards. In this series, we have assembled Leslie Cheung’s popular lyrics in cassette cards. Limited edition! The following are the words in the cassette. Please tell us the number you choose when placing your order. Thank you! 1. Don't hide your lonely heart, even though the world is crueler than we thought. I will not cover my lonely eyes, just because I want to see your innocence. -Leslie Cheung "Heating Up" 2. No matter how the world changes, no matter how people around us look at us, we must all be our truest selves. -Leslie Cheung "I" 3. Maybe I can forget the whole world, but I just don't want to lose your news. -Leslie Cheung "At least there is you" 4. I am in love with my bare hands, let it gradually cool down at night, anyway, in many cases, it has nothing. -Leslie Cheung "The whole world just wants you to love me" 5. The wind continues to blow and cannot bear to stay away, and there are tears in my heart that do not want to shed tears to look at you. Why don't you go after the past happy memories with you, to wash away the melancholy and pain, I want to remember the tenderness and honey. -Leslie Cheung "The Wind Continues To Blow" 6. When I left the bookstore, I left an umbrella, hoping that it was you who took it home. I began to wonder whether the only chance we can meet has been missed?-Leslie Cheung 7. How lucky I am to be able to meet on this planet by chance, light up the misty life, no one stays in my thoughts like you, never doubt, this world is very good. -Leslie Cheung "Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter" 8. There is nothing for you, but please rely on this song, thank you for being with me in the wind and rain. Goodbye to you today, but please live in your heart with my love for fire, and separate and live together. -Leslie Cheung "Spend Together" 9. Tell you, you look at me like this, but it is very dangerous. Because you may fall in love with me at any time. -Leslie Cheung "Evil East and West Poison" 10. Today you ran away from me, turned around and turned around old. -Leslie Cheung, "People Who Don't Want to Hug Me" You only need to tell us the number you choose when placing an order! Material: empty cassette, empty cassette cover and cassette case. If you need to customize your own words, we also have another link to provide customized services! https://www.pinkoi.com/product/MhrkwNt2 **New York Design Week Exhibition** [Origin/Manufacturing Method] Singapore 100% original and exclusive good works, not a large number of copies, each cassette has a unique wording. (This design has been registered and protected, please respect the originality in the industry, thank you!)


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