Handmade Leather Tote, Canvas Bag, Leather Satchel, Leather Messenger Bag, Leather Laptop Bag, Canvas Messenger Bag, Shoulder Bags

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Handmade Leather Tote, Canvas Bag, Leather Satchel, Leather Messenger Bag, Leather Laptop Bag, Canvas Messenger Bag, Shoulder Bags



✦ This is a combination of practicality and aesthetics of the shoulder bag
• Leather Hard Lang type, beautiful color. So made the shoulder bag cover to make the whole more three-dimensional fashion, made more difficult and durable package angle!
• Canvas is soft and easy to fold, waterproof light. Made into a package can accommodate more items, when not in a foldable storage, more portable light weight, long back more comfortable!
• The combination of leather + canvas not only makes the shoulder bag easy to use and durability greatly improved, while giving you a unique fashion beauty.
• Regardless of business or travel, it will be your most handy tool to accompany you happy together, so you can more convenient to learn office!


>> Specifications <<
• Width of 38cm / height of about 30cm / thickness of about 9cm
(Handmade measurements may have slight errors per finished product)



♥ Durable leather bag angle and stainless steel cast iron buckle, every detail is beautiful enough to be strong, never critical moment to bring you embarrassing!



★ Liu Ding playing real leather wide edge handle, grip a sense of comfort and resistance.




>> Storage space <<
• A large zipper bag on the back
• Inside: the middle of a large zipper bag, both sides of the two large storage space, A side of the two small pocket, B side of a small zipper bag
(Such as the figure can accommodate the next notebook / tablet / books / mobile phone / watch / cosmetics / stationery / and so many things)


✪ Removable shoulder strap, adjustable length, the shortest 85cm / longest 140cm

>> Material <<
• Mad horse skin / leather
• Canvas / linen mixed weave
Hardware: stainless steel cast iron

>> Customized project <<
• You can engrave your English name in the middle of the leather cover.
• You can print letters and letters in alphabetical letters A-Z, numbers 0-9 and symbols & (10 characters). Please specify the lettering position and lettering contents to the designer. Please note the order.
• font is bold (word height 3m / m)
(Each letter or number is engraved one by one, not like the machine as a whole, but enjoy a unique touch of warm text.

★ Whether you are for lovers, friends, loved ones, or for your own to find a gift, this is a perfect choice, a unique and worthy of the collection of handicrafts!

☆ Egg: leather has been done waxing curing treatment, the European Department of more fat vegetable tanned leather fibers are more dense evenly distributed, with the use of time to turn the leather texture and wood texture will be stronger, more beautiful, more shiny , Like wine, the more alcoholic fragrance ~ This is the charm of handmade leather production!

>> 【Designer feeling】 <<
• Life should be sunny and upward, and should not be only cold technology, monotonous lines. Hand is a kind of attitude to life, is a practice, practice more than craft, as well as heart. Only 100% of the focus and input, in-depth details, in order to give life to happiness, in order to give each piece of work to character, human touch, given the value of industrial products can not match. Because the "hand" has always belonged to the creator rather than the replicator. Every handmade product is unique, handmade products unique natural texture texture will give people strength and perseverance, and provide unlimited reverie!
• When the "fashion" standard is defined by most people in the "industrialization", "quantitative products", I hope that in the public pursuit of the standard, can help people more to find the charm of hand products. The traditional Chinese craft connotation of the United States and modern fashion integration, the art of art, fashion and practical simplicity in the design, hand-made warm and free and exquisite, to create a unique dedication on the young life aesthetics. To the combination of modern aesthetics and the power of natural life, to create a personal hand to lead the work of fashion.

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