(Black) / European Iron Napkin Cloth / postcard / photo stand / creative small / three-dimensional practical birthday card / birthday gift LE-hb28 (B)

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(Black) / European Iron Napkin Cloth / postcard / photo stand / creative small / three-dimensional practical birthday card / birthday gift LE-hb28 (B)


★ three-dimensional practical birthday card ★ exquisite paint fashion generous ★ metal material durable ★ desktop space finishing beautiful ★ life small material creative admission To enhance the fun of life as a starting point, designed for the desktop style of the comedy, elegant shelves. Let guests take DM, napkins, place the menu, while you can enjoy the taste of art, simple color into the store or store, embellishment of your store space, creating a quiet and elegant atmosphere. 【OPUS European Iron Storage Shelf】 Simple design, elegant and charming pearl color Personalized texture to create storage and display functions Iron with elegant white lines, with decorative Happy birthday and blessing of love, always To replace the traditional birthday card, can also receive letters, paper, napkins and other desktop small things Simple aesthetic fashion design, always pass love and blessing! This OPUS [European Iron Happy Birthday Happy Shelf] positive pattern for HappyBirthday, the opposite of Love, so that your love and blessing can always pass; not only convey the mind, but also with practical letters and small things to accept the function. Using low-key elegant white, metallic texture with a simple appearance, to show extraordinary fashion taste. Whether it is home or office, easy to facilitate the collection of letters, desktop small things, napkins, cards, etc., can also be used with your imagination as the style of decoration ~ Function: desktop display, letter storage, storage notes paper, you can also hang ornaments, suction iron Material: galvanized steel, fine paint Origin: Taiwan design, manufacture Size: 117x118x40mm Weight: 207g Origin / manufacturing method East Qi Jiagong uphold the concept of the supremacy of quality, intentions to build Taiwan's gold industry brand, cost tens of millions to buy Japanese AMADA laser cutting and folding bed and other equipment. With more than 27 years of experience in research and development of metal products, and piano paint color, bright color uniform, touch first class. ● The surface of the use of metal paint technology, characterized by piano paint effect, the surface occasional tiny particles, are normal. ● Please place the child is not easy to obtain, to avoid causing scratches. ● Avoid placing in a humid environment. ● If there is moisture on the product, please immediately use a dry and soft cotton wipe clean to avoid rust, the possibility of oxidation. Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan