Flowers bloom in February | 12% off single brush Oli Vie Concealer Foundation Brush A01

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Concealer Foundation Brush A01 | A multi-functional foundation brush with double patents, made of "extraordinary fiber", high-density brush head with water-like foundation is not easy to eat makeup, arc-shaped bristles and smooth surface, make the makeup Extensibility is fully utilized. The patented N° MO2015A000085 all-purpose base brush has a con


Flowers bloom in February | 12% off single brush Oli Vie Concealer Foundation Brush A01

商品説明 **Concealer foundation brush A01** Foundation X Concealer X BB Cream X Cushion Powder X Repair Cream All in One! Purpose-The patented bump design can cover small areas such as under the eyes, nose wings, acne scars, etc., and does not affect the large-scale foundation. The high-density arc-shaped brush head is not easy to produce powder marks. It can be matched with a variety of makeup base formulations. A versatile foundation brush that does not choose makeup products. Makeup-liquid foundation, water foundation, BB/CC cream, repair cream, cushion powder, concealer Material-Italy DERMOCURA® Extraordinary Fiber, Aluminum Tube, ABS Imitation Wood Plastic Rod Size-bristles: height 3cm, width 2.5cm, high density and feel like flannel, it won't eat makeup with water-like liquid foundation, the total height of the pen body is 17.7cm **Extraordinary Fiber X Almighty Bottom Brush** The dual-patented__Oli Vie Concealer Foundation Brush A01__made of Oli Vie’s unique "extraordinary fiber". It feels as comfortable as fluff and has a high bristle density. It is not easy to eat makeup even with a water-like foundation. The arc-shaped bristle shape and smooth hair surface can fully exert the extension power of the base makeup, making the makeup effect more light and natural, and not easy to produce powder marks. Another patent of Oli Vie Concealer Foundation Brush A01, N° MO2015A000085 "Almighty Base Brush", creates a small bump on the brush surface, even in tricky areas such as under the eyes, corners of the eyes, and wings of the nose. More uniform and flawless. *To avoid mold prevention, Oli Vie Concealer Foundation Brush A01 aluminum tube is printed with a special mark **Acne and dark circles are easily covered, and the perfect base makeup is done in one stroke!** Did you sleep well last night with dark circles and acne? Oli Vie Concealer Foundation Brush A01 uses the Italian patented N° MO2015A000085 "All-round Base Brush". The special bump design can easily help you conceal today's imperfections. Oli Vie's high-density foundation brush replaces the traditional concealer brush and base brush. Makeup brushes, contouring brushes, cushion sponges, makeup eggs... let you do it all! Create flawless base makeup easily! **Match with Oli Vie's other makeup brushes to make the makeup more durable and flawless!** Oli Vie Makeup Loose Powder Brush A02-The soft and curvy bristles can perfectly hold the Loose powder and set makeup comfortably. **Oli Vie base makeup brush set once >>>** **Perfect makeup X friendly manufacturing** A good brush with patent **Super durable X good storage** Considering the climate in Taiwan, wooden penholders are prone to damp and crack Oli Vie's barrel is made of ABS resin (The same material as the bricks that children often play) **Made in Cremona Italy** Produced in the small town of violin in northern Italy __Cremona__ **Make-up master personal experience** "Beautiful European Craftsmanship" "You get fans as soon as you use it" **Listen to the personal experience of consumers** #欧妞刷具 Experience meeting


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