Sunlight Leaves Photosynthetic Backpack Brown

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Imitation of the original plant soft leather / gift packaging available



Sunlight Leaves Photosynthetic Backpack Brown

商品説明 -Material- Exterior: imitation vegetable tanned leather PU synthetic leather Inside: Faux leather reverse short plush Imitation vegetable tanned leather PU synthetic leather-the thickness is equivalent to the unprocessed thickness of ordinary cowhide, and it is also equivalent to twice the thickness of ordinary fake leather PU, suitable for making handmade bags. The surface is water-repellent, the texture is flexible and durable, without the pungent plastic smell that ordinary fake leather would produce. -External structure- External dimensions: 23.5 x 23 x 12 cm / back pocket: 16.5 x 10 cm Classic college style all-leather backpack style, there are hidden buttons on both sides to enlarge the built-in space! There is a small pocket on the back of the bag to hold leisure cards and other cards, and it is easy to extract quickly and conveniently at important moments! The metal buckle is Different from the general green bronze color, the light bronze color faintly reveals the silver luster! -Internal structure- The internal space can accommodate an iPad mini (iPad not!), A5 notebooks, and other personal items. The internal storage pocket is a zipper pocket + front storage pocket, which can also be pulled out as a textured clutch!!! (Continue to introduce below~) -Removable clutch bag- The size is about 20 x 11.5 cm, and the next iPhone 11 Pro Max (bare metal) that can fit in, also comes with a detachable hand strap! -Adjustable shoulder/back strap- The back strap can be directly adjusted to a shoulder-back style, or it can be extended to become a cross-back style! -Packaging- General packaging: dust bag + plastic sleeve + kraft paper box Gift packaging: dust bag + plastic sleeve + wrapping paper (optional) + gift card (need to leave a message) + kraft paper box **[Purchase gift packaging]** If you want to buy it as a gift, you can also choose to add gift wrapping + small card message! You can follow the steps below~ 1. Please select "gift wrapping" when placing an order 2. In the order remarks, tell which of the following packaging papers to choose? (1/2/3/4) 3. If you want to write to the other party in the order remarks, we will print it on the gift card for you. (About 20 characters) (The gift card cannot be selected) ※ If there is no remarks on the wrapping paper style or message in the order, the wrapping paper will be selected randomly, or the gift card will not be attached. **Our brand-SUNLIGHT LEAVES Photosynthesis** For bags and leather goods, we advocate simple, elegant fashion. As if the person using it has experienced photosynthesis, it exudes a natural and mature temperament. The starting point of the photosynthetic system is: design / handcraft / light travel, product design also incorporates the concept of ordinary people's relaxed and leisurely life, creating a unique light fashion handmade style! **-About imitation vegetable tanned leather PU-** What is imitation vegetable tanned leather PU ~ Simply put, it is a synthetic leather imitating vegetable tanned leather! Probably most people have heard of vegetable tanned leather~ Generally speaking, in the leather manufacturing process, in order to process the raw hides taken from animals to be softer and tougher, some materials will be added to the leather to tan to make it suitable for softness and feel. The tanning material can be chemical raw materials, or natural plants such as bark, grass, and so on. The leather tanned with vegetable materials is vegetable tanned leather, and the surface is usually dry to the touch and has a fibrous touch. Compared with ordinary leather, vegetable tanned leather is slightly less soft and has a toughness similar to that of bark, and the thickness is thicker than ordinary leather, and it is not easy to shovel thin. The advantage is that it gives people a comfortable touch like paper, and does not have the shiny surface of ordinary leather. Therefore, vegetable tanned leather is very suitable for making handmade products, because it can give people a very natural and original feeling! Imitation vegetable tanned leather PU is an artificial leather developed only in recent years. In addition to increasing the thickness to achieve the effect similar to vegetable tanned leather, the back of the leather is also transformed into a high-pressure bonded flocking surface. The overall density, to achieve the texture of the original leather. Therefore, we can successfully use artificial leather to make high-quality handmade bags, which not only reduces the burden of buying bags for people who love handmade products, but also hopes to reduce the demand for animal leather by ordinary people.


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