[Hua Xianyue] red red dry flower series earrings (can be changed ear clip)

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【 flower. Month] string month dry flower series earrings (can be changed ear clip)


[Hua Xianyue] red red dry flower series earrings (can be changed ear clip)


【 flower. Month] string month dry flower series (can be changed ear clip)

Flowers are the most everyday things in life.
a thousand days of proverbs
Concentrate every imaginary of flower bloom
It is an elegant romance and a guardian of happiness.


★ Respect for intellectual property rights ★
This work has been applied for creation and other related copyrights (including photos), unauthorized, imitated, produced, refurbished, resold, and other related infringement creations, the museum will be held accountable for relevant legal responsibilities, do not violate the law.

(limited offer)
◎ Celebrate the opening of Mio's new shelves. The first 1000 orders are offered to all friends who like our works.
Dry flower series original price $ 269, now each piece of flowers. The monthly price of the dried flower series is $190! !
The number of subscripts is "1", which means "one pair"! !
No sell orders, only black hearts

If you want to choose different suits to buy or have custom needs
Can be in the remarks part of the checkout
Tell us how to modify it.

Example: I subscripted a pair of earrings, the color wanted to change
<Flower. Full Moon>Blue Full Moon (Auricular Needle) + <Flower. String month>pink string month (ear clip)

We will do it according to your needs.
The color can be matched with other monochromes in this store! ! 💕


◎ part of dry flower
Our dry flowers are selected from the Taichung local flower small farms to be improved. After drying by hand dyeing, the small pieces of flowers on each plant are removed as jewelry materials, and can be coated with Japanese resin. The color of the flower is permanently preserved, and it is not easy to change (fade), mold, black class and the like.

◎ part of Japanese resin
Because the flower material itself is relatively fragile, it is not easy to wait for too long time to solidify and high temperature, it is easy to have color dyeing, yellowing (turbidity), high temperature, etc., so we choose Japan's special Japanese bisphenol resin to go down. It can keep the color and brightness lasting and translucent. It is different from ordinary epoxy resin and AB glue, and the weight is lighter. There is no strange chemical plastic taste, and it is safer than glass enamel embossing (not easy to break and break). The petals are still three-dimensional (will not be squashed).

◎ metal (including ear part)
The outer gold frame and the ear pin (ear hook) are made of Japanese brass gold plated material (no nickel gold). On the one hand, brass is hypoallergenic and is not easy to cause allergies and other symptoms. After wearing it for a period of time, the color will slowly change back to the darker color and brightness of the brass. It will not rust or blacken. Simple maintenance will keep the color and brightness in a beautiful state! !

◎ Note:
Because when we put the dry flowers into the production, the color and size of each flower removed will be different. Therefore, when making the jewelry, there is no way that each pair will be exactly the same as the photo, and some may have Some small bubbles (because the petal fiber microtubules contain some air in the baking), but it does not affect the appearance and wear, and because the hand-made jewelry is different from the factory mass production, we will try our best to make Similar to the color of the picture and the matching method, do not mind the acceptable order to buy 😊

If the payment is not completed within five days after the order is placed, we will cancel the order temporarily to protect the interests of other consumers. !

◎Profit insurance
Just give us 5 friends who encourage the praise, this series of works can enjoy an "indefinite period" of "free warranty", in case the beads are accidentally broken, the ear drops, feet and feet! ? The doll car is running over? (Don't laugh! Really have customers returning to repairs because of this) You can get it back to the site for free (outside the city and the city must pay for the return shipping), detailed time to pay attention to our fans group dynamic calendar! !

【Product specifications】
◎ Material: dry flower, Japanese resin, Japanese brass (no nickel gold)


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