[108 Rosary Series] Small Leaf Purple Altar*Red Stone*Pink Crystal * Pearl Rosary Multi-ring Bracelet

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Different from the 108 rosary form of the previous system, it can be a multi-circle bracelet ~



[108 Rosary Series] Small Leaf Purple Altar*Red Stone*Pink Crystal * Pearl Rosary Multi-ring Bracelet


● Product Features Small leaf purple altar with red veins, and pink powder crystal, with small pearl ornaments hanging on it. It can be wrapped around the hand 4 times, which is different from the 108 rosary forms of the previous system. It can be a multi-round hand string ~ ▲ More 108 series: https://www.pinkoi.com/store/chodoii?tag=108%E9%A1%86&i18n_tag=108%E9%A1%86 ● Material: Purple Leaf Altar / Pink Crystal / Red Marble / Pearl / Zircon / 14K Gold Beads / Japanese Elastic Thread ● Size: Small leaf purple bed about 5mm **● The size of 108 rosary beads is fixed. It can be wrapped around the hand 4 times within 16.5cm.** **It is suitable for "Fitness of Hand and Hand" and falls on 15.5 ~ 16.5cm for wearing** **● If you don't care about the number, you must 108, you can leave a message to us to discuss your customized size** **(Provide the common hand circumference and the desired tightness common point)** ▲ Hand circumference measurement ▲ → The measurement method of hand circumference can use paper, rope, tape measure, etc. Wear it where you want to wear it (usually where you wear your watch) You don't need to be deliberately tightened. After making a mark, use a ruler to measure the commons, you can know your hand circumference. The order will be based on the hand circumference common score plus the tightness common score. ◎ Tightness: 1 cm (comfortable), 1.5 cm (normally loose) 2 cm (free and easy) ~ ◎ The product size can be adjusted according to personal preference, as long as you leave a message or a note to me. ● Make sure to tell the hand circumference common score + the tightness common score when placing an order ex: Hand circumference 14 cm + 1.5 cm Elasticity = 15.5 → Be sure to confirm the size again before placing an order. If you need to modify the size, you must pay the freight and manual modification fees. ● If you do n’t take the jewelry out to play, Please put it in a box or chain bag, This can be extended to keep it beautiful 呦! ※ Precautions※ → The actual product may be slightly different due to the shooting light and the color display of each computer screen. → Natural materials such as natural ore, pearl, crystal ... Each color texture is different due to the formed environment. There are also some small cracks and defects, Therefore, it cannot be 100% exactly the same as the product map. It ’s like a unique identity card made of natural creations ^ ^ However, each material will be carefully selected during the production process, please make sure to accept it before placing an order. → Because each customized product is different in size, the arrangement may be slightly adjusted, but the overall design concept will be consistent with the product map. → Because each product is made of natural materials, the size of each natural stone will be slightly different, so there may be an error of about 0.3 cm in length after the actual product is completed, which will not be exactly the same as the size ordered when ordering. → Because all the products are handmade, it is inevitable that there will be some traces of handwriting (cannot be 100% symmetrical and zero error) If you do n’t mind, do n’t place an order. ● Please make sure you can accept the above precautions before placing your order! ● Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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