Moomin 噜噜米 authorized - [have you are really good] - TPU phone case, AE79

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The Moomin family has a sleek figure, like a hippo, but they are a group of strange elves living in the Moomin Valley in the Finnish forest. YOSHI850 exclusively launched MOOMIN authorized 3C peripherals, bag storage, home small things, etc., followed by t



Moomin 噜噜米 authorized - [have you are really good] - TPU phone case, AE79


【product features】 **Moomin is a series of fairy tale novels written by the Finnish female writer Tove Jansson.** *Freedom and freedom in black and white lines* In the world of glutinous rice, in addition to the cute and strange characters, there is also a philosophy of life that is optimistic and lives in the present. Children and big friends who like the fairy tale characters of glutinous rice can turn off the rational window of "teaching", "meaning" and "interpretation", appreciate the rich and funny expressions in the comics, and follow the glutinous rice family. Take risks and enjoy the excitement, change and unrestrained plot. Of course, if you can't help but look for the wisdom and philosophy of life in the entertainment jokes provided by Doo Yang, you will definitely not return empty-handed. Whether you like curious children's prototype glutinous rice, always dreaming of adventure like a teenager, glutinous rice dad, glutinous rice mother who embraces everyone's pragmatic life pillar, Ajin who swims freely between heaven and earth, or other Charming characters, you will always glimpse behind them, hiding the naughty smile of Duobei Yang Hui Hui. For the ups and downs of life, earnestly experience and live, but never rigid and serious. For the changes in the world and the things around us, we will always maintain a curious and open attitude. It is a game spirit that changes with ease and encounters difficulties. It is the essence of the artist who pursues freedom and freedom throughout the life. Excerpt from the complete collection of 噜噜米漫画 — Associate Professor, National Institute of Children's Literature, Taitung University *"Yang Hao created a grotesque but real world. People's fear, loneliness and uneasiness are here to be rid of love and imagination."* Moomin was selected by Time Magazine as the Time Magazine Ten Best Books of 2006. It contrasts with the turmoil and chaos of real life. The world and characters delineated in the book may be a kind of sentiment and healing. From the simplicity of the Moomin family, people also find the essence of life. Like the author's description in the book, Moomin, who has a big belly and a thick stomach, when he asks friends to create strange and mysterious art so that they can make big money, he replies that he only wants to live a stable life, plant potatoes, and do it. Daydream". This creation, which has been popular since the 1940s, is warm, imaginative and whimsical, always reminding us of the innocence of living in the present and forever. [Product Precautions] 1. The photo will be set to the same size as each screen label. The products are subject to the actual product. If you have any inconvenience, please forgive me! 2. If the model you want to order does not appear in the size options, please refer to our latest TPU phone case material model: Indicate the model you want to make in the "Remarks"; you can also ask the "Contact Designer" if there is any material that can be made. 3. If the protective shell material is in stock, it is expected to be shipped within 3-4 working days; if the model is missing, it is expected to be shipped within 5-7 working days. 4. Some models will be cut to the pattern according to the design position of the hole position. Please evaluate it yourself. [Material] Transparent soft shell (TPU) material characteristics: 1. Fully transparent color 2. Superior wear and tear resistance 3. Has anti-hydrolysis and antibacterial effects 4. Excellent cold resistance and tortuosity 5. It has green and environmentally friendly plastic materials with flame retardant and oil resistant properties. [Other materials mobile phone case] Air pressure cushion protection shell:


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