Birthday cake with you, custom-made cake, mother's day cake, 4 6 8 inches, only available in Tainan

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Freshly made new flavors, rich and dense fillings, double the taste buds enjoyment!


800g x 1

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Birthday cake with you, custom-made cake, mother's day cake, 4 6 8 inches, only available in Tainan


The cake is freshly made with low oil and low sugar, the taste is fine and dense, delicious and healthier! Main raw material/ Japanese flour, French fresh cream, sugar, blueberries (because blueberries are seasonal fruits, they will be replaced with grapes in non-rich seasons) Cake body/ Vanilla flavor Stuffing/ Signature taro puree size/ 4 inches suitable for 1-2 people 6 inches suitable for 4-6 people 8 inches suitable for 6-8 people package/ A plastic knife and two plate forks (2 pcs) are included in the 4-inch product The 6-inch product comes with a plastic knife and a set of forks (5 pieces) A plastic knife and two sets of forks (10 pcs) are included in the 8-inch product (If you don’t have enough plates and forks, you can add 20 yuan for Group B. Please inform us of the required quantity by private message! In addition, there is no candle attached to this shop) storage method/ Dessert cakes are recommended to be eaten on the same day. Please keep them tightly sealed in cold storage. They can be stored in cold storage for 2 days. Other matters needing attention/ ※The goods can only be delivered to the island of Taiwan ※Freight calculations are based on the same address of a single order ※A single order contains products that require low-temperature home delivery, and they will all be delivered at low-temperature home delivery ◆◆◆About self-pickup and home delivery◆◆◆ The cake is a cream cake. It is strongly recommended that friends in Kaohsiung, Chiayi, Tainan and Kaohsiung pick up the goods in person ◎「Pick-up」-It will be frozen for 2 hours beforehand, so that you can pick up the goods in person and deliver it to your home safely! ◎ "Home Delivery"-Frozen shipment (the cake may collide and damage during the delivery process, please dear you before placing an order, think twice before deciding) Thank you everyone~ Home delivery cakes are surrounded by a safety bubble bag to fix the cake so that the cake is not easy to move and deform, and the damage rate is minimized ◆◆◆How to deal with the damage of home delivery cake◆◆◆ 1. During the transportation of the car body, the car body will sway, and sometimes poor road conditions may cause the cake to move 3~5cm left and right, resulting in damage to the side or falling of the decoration, and no damage or slight damage to the theme pattern, which is not within the scope of damage compensation. 2. If the cake is severely damaged (the cake needs to be battered, not shaped, and difficult to distinguish the original appearance of the cake) Please take a photo as soon as possible for the certificate (you need to take a picture of the cake in the cake box), and please contact us on the same day! If it is obviously due to human negligence during delivery, we will contact the delivery company as soon as possible. Please do not throw away or eat the cake before processing it! Please keep the status at the time of receipt to avoid disputes with black cats. 3. Black Cat TA-Q-BIN currently includes cakes in the scope of refusal to settle the claim. Black Cat has the right to exempt the cake, and 99% will not compensate for the damage to the cake. 4. We will do our best to pack and prevent "goods", but home delivery must be risky, please read this precaution before placing an order 5. If you are not receiving the document yourself, please be sure to remind the person who signed it! Remarks/ Please use the private message to inform the little helper at the time of the face-to-face interview~ ★Family Family Huaxing Store, Yongkang District, Tainan City (No. 148, Huaxing Street, Yongkang District, Tainan City) ★This subscript link is for "Limited to be picked up in Tainan" Origin / production method Handmade in Tainan, Taiwan Precautions before subscripting ※The products are all shots of actual products, but each computer screen, tablet or mobile phone will affect the color of the product display, and chromatic aberration will inevitably exist. Buyers who mind the color difference, please think carefully about the subscript. ※Home delivery is off on Sunday and can only be delivered from Monday to Saturday. It is recommended that birthday cakes be delivered one day earlier to avoid delays in delivery of home delivery! ★★★ Good news for you ★★★ Facebook search: "GJ Private Dim Sum" Click on any article, there are links to other store platforms for your convenience Currently there are: Rakuten Market/PChome/momo/Line Pocket Store There will be full free shipping activities from time to time, everyone can choose the most favorable and convenient store to subscribe~


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