Flowers and scented candle 700ml exquisite wooden box version - butterfly bean flower and chrysanthemum


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    Flowers and scented candle 700ml exquisite wooden box version - butterfly bean flower and chrysanthemum
  • Flowers and scented candle series, the visual edge of the cup with wild roses, chrysanthemums, buttercups, three kinds of flowers as the main tone, with the European mint, rose petals, sweet-scented osmanthus, and other dry flowers as a decorative color, when burned in the wax The oil fluttered and the nighttime fire light penetrated the leaves of the petals to reveal a natural sight. The main ingredients of the candle are 100% soy wax and shea butter. When burned, low-temperature wax oil can be used for simple massage. With a variety of essential oils to enhance the fragrance, the fragrance will be left in the hands after massage.

    Purchase method

    1. Select favorite color style in the option column
    2. Indicate desired essential oil in the comment column

    Butterfly bean flower and chrysanthemum



    Select selected fragrance

    The economic value of bergamot itself is very high, from the food, medicine to fragrant, from the citrus tone with a delicate fruit fragrance, is a relaxing essential oil.

    Orange Flower /
    The flower of "orange" is used instead of "fruit". Since the flower part is less valuable than the "fruit" fragrance, the orange blossom is based on citrus, but it has a strong fragrance of sweet flowers.

    Muscat /
    In ancient times, animals were the secretions extracted from a capsule in the tail and looked a bit like butter. But now they are all made up of plant extracts. The delicate and elegant aroma is a scent of cats, just like the scent of ripe red wine. It is fresh and deep and mature, not vulgar, synonymous with vitality and charm.

    The woody scent, which is different from the ground, is formed by the fat of the pine wood.
    The unique special fragrance highlights the low-key and extraordinary taste.

    Jasmine /
    Full of surprises, bright, fresh and elegant. Jasmine light fragrance makes people feel the sweet charm of the soft atmosphere and with a sense of vitality of the current white, flowers are not greasy with a perfect interpretation of vivid and calm.

    The characteristics of the grass scent are representative of the relaxed and refreshing natural style. When the spirit is not weak, the feeling is concentrated and sharp, and the height is naturally pleasant like a pure breeze, and the king of the magical basil herb.

    The bright floral bouquet of roses is the keynote of the whole fragrance. Afterwards, a little vanilla balances the soft sensation. Like a chiffon-like thread, it is refreshing, and the main theme is the rose.

    Wild ginger flower /
    The rich, sweet and fresh floral fragrance is the memory of all people in the summer. When the air is filled with the aroma of wild ginger flowers, the sweet but not too rich but not heavy floral fragrance is suitable for any fragrance.

    The refreshing and lively sense of smell, the neutral nature with slightly sour style, is an important role in the fragrance, especially in the fresh and intimacy with basil is a perfect match.

    The lavender essence of the Provence Plateau smells naturally cool and thick, and it is most suitable for the match of musk. It will bring soothingness from the body into the depths of the heart and enjoy its own tranquility.

    White Musk/
    The fresh, sweet and rich taste is fresh and fresh, like the fresh and clean feeling of a bath. It is obviously a feeling of comfort, softness and peace of mind. It is like a fresh, soft cotton or soft and comfortable. Bedding.

    Green Tea / Compound
    Imagine the calm and simple balance of greenery in a Japanese garden in Kyoto. The characteristic of green tea is to have a very delicate and fresh feeling. It is a kind of oriental fruit that is not greasy and refreshing.

    Blackberry / Compound
    The aroma of woody and fruity notes has a deep and sour sensation. The taste of cinnamon leaves is bitter and spicy. The odor it emits is more noticeable than the taste. When it is dehydrated and dried, its aroma will be more herbaceous and with a bit of aroma. Floral fragrance is different from the flower and fruit aroma that is commonly used by women.

    Earl Grey / Compound
    Premium Ceylon tea is used as a base, carefully selected from the bergamot essential oil from Sicily in Italy. It is a delicate blend of Ceylon black tea and bergamot, with a crispy cucumber, and a harmonious balance with musk. Adjust the sweetness.

    Line incense / compound
    The first news will be a bit like the sweet taste of bubble gum, the favorite of European and American fashion apparel stores, enhance the feelings of the soul, the ability to expand incense is suitable for use in large spaces such as the living room store, suitable for sitting and meditation is also very suitable.

    The choice of fragrance can choose unilateral or compound
    Compound only offers the choice of two fragrances
    Sakura itself is the compound essential oil is not recommended to mix and match
    Remarks Example: Hello, I want lime with basil, thank you.
    (Please inform the selected fragrance in the remarks. If no remarks will be shipped randomly)

    Beautifully packaged wooden box



    Diameter -14cm
    Bottle height -6.5cm
    Capacity -700ml
    Content - Soy Wax

    1. For the first time using the candle, please liquefy all the surface layer to avoid the tunnel phenomenon caused by the candle.
    2. Soybean wax is a low-temperature candle, but the candlelight itself still has a certain temperature, it is recommended that after blowing out the candlelight, apply appropriate wax liquid massage.
    3. The texture of this candle is 100% soy wax and shea butter recipe is suitable for essential oil massage formula. Non-skincare candle is recommended to wipe off excess wax oil after massage, leaving a faint fragrance in the hand. .

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    Origin / manufacturing methods
    Handmade in Taiwan
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Flowers and scented candle 700ml exquisite wooden box version - butterfly bean flower and chrysanthemum

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