[Section] rice bowl of bamboo rice - easy to cook 1 person of rice (half bowl of rice)


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  • Solve the problem of eating a person
    Consider the different food intake of each person, we are about to design for the three needs of the development of the following three kinds of rice - bamboo rice cup series of goods:

    1. [abundance] meters = rich food = rich food, is a large amount of food intake, each meal about 2 bowls of rice.
    2. [foot] rice = enough food = enough food, is to meet a person can easily cook a bowl of rice is a good helper.
    3. [section] rice quantity = grain saving = control of food, is to only eat a half bowl of rice girls and children designed.

    / Product description and story /
    (Rice bowl) "design, remember that during the study in the UK, students like Taiwan family, have Datong electric pot, but with a hot pot cooking, usually cook two cups of rice (4 bowl of rice ), Boiled rice will have a good taste, but study life often need to cook their own meals. Cook a half cup of rice with a pot (a bowl of rice) will be too dry, cook too much the day and eat, after a few meals will have to eat leftovers. It 's hard to eat fresh and delicious meals for a person' s life. It 's too impressed with this inconvenient life experience!
    Through the bamboo crafts in the bamboo, bamboo forest to understand the ecological and different characteristics of bamboo. Also know that natural bamboo products in Taiwan is the use of low prices, can not sell a good price of natural bamboo, in addition to bamboo craftsmen are using artificial cutting bamboo, the rest of the machine to cut down and on the weight of the sale. So the surrounding bamboo processing industry is also less and less willing to invest, when I want to do something for this heart, always feel that bamboo because of easy growth, there will be no drugs to promote growth, or pesticide deworming problems, Only natural materials to take care of maintenance, consumers need to spend more trouble in the use. The process also tried to use ceramic and other materials to produce, but found that compared to ceramics, bamboo low heat conduction characteristics, so that we can from the pot in the bamboo hand out of the rice bowl, enjoy the hot rice at the same time, not hot , And bamboo cups by repeated use of cooking, rice or bamboo incense and sweet, non-disposable appliances.
    Came back to Taiwan, found that life type really changed from a big pot to a person to eat, the market selling large packaging rice to eat for a long time to eat finished, plus for a person's life, a small amount of small rice to buy rice End, avoid long rice insects. This question also prompted me to design a bowl of rice (80g m) can be cooked once the rice, since one meal a bowl of rice, then meet the meal to eat different rice! The design process also seek Tainan to rice factory help , To find the local rice cultivation in Tainan seven, to create a "Taiwan good rice: Tainan" concept. Because such a concept is also derived, if the two people who eat together to eat different meals (such as: rice and brown rice), the use of "rice" can also be done Oh!

    With a good concept, to find the material, and consider the production of techniques, they put into mass production. In the production process, adhere to personally experiment bamboo into the Datong electric pot, but also with the gas on the fire cooking, and participate in the packaging process for the test, to understand in every link, the packaging staff, sales staff, consumption They will encounter all kinds of problems or difficulties, from such a process can be found on the process of the problem, but also from the solution to solve and optimize the production process design knowledge.

    Product size approx. H 6cm x Ø 7cm
    Product material natural Mengzong bamboo system
    * Contains a bag of 150g Taiwan-style rice, according to the origin of the season harvest harvest rice (Taiwan Terrier 9 white rice, Tainan 11 white rice, Taitong 71 white rice, Tainan 14 brown rice, Tainan 16 white rice), manual Copies

    This product is used and maintained

    1. Bamboo will breathe
    Natural material use and durability with the user's habits have a considerable relationship, in order to make bamboo can be long-term preservation, not easy to change color and mold, so the bamboo cup in the manufacturing process more micro-carbonation process. After use in a ventilated environment so that bamboo can naturally dry, if the environment is dirty and dirty, naturally easy to breed bacteria and mold.

    2. Handmade
    The amount of rice is natural bamboo, handmade and the appearance of the artificial dressing, so the appearance of each product will be slightly different. The surface can be seen natural bamboo fiber lines, part of the protruding particles or black dots, for the normal phenomenon does not affect the quality.

    3. Reusable
    Because it is made of natural materials, please avoid prolonged soaking in water, or high and low temperature changes in the rapid temperature, resulting in deterioration of the surface of bamboo cracks to shorten the service life.

    4. Micro carbonization treatment
    The goods by micro-carbon treatment, so that bamboo has a long-term preservation, not easy to change color and mold the advantages.

    Ordering Information
    As the goods for the natural bamboo, there are harvest season limited, in case of bamboo out of stock, please be patient.

    Origin / manufacturing method
    Origin of Taiwan handmade
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[Section] rice bowl of bamboo rice - easy to cook 1 person of rice (half bowl of rice)






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