U Map. Your Own World Map (Taiwan Limited) 【S】 -3 Color Navy Blue / Gentle Pink / Lake Green Home Decor Wall Decorative Mural Wall Tapestry Wall Decorative Mural House Artist Layout Indoor Design Event Location WORLD MAP [S 75x100cm]


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    Please note the name of the letter you want to order in English
    ➤ ➤ Please note that the custom form you fill out must be "Completed Customized". For example, if you want to order JERRY'S WORLD MAP, please fill in "JERRY'S WORLD MAP" into the form, please do not fill in only "JERRY". We will give priority to completing the completed order.

    ➤ ➤ remind you that since our merchandise is a custom one, it takes about 10-14 business days (no holidays) to be completed after order / payment confirmation. Please pay attention if you have any special time.

    Customized text specification and advice
    ➤ Customized text is in uppercase letters (currently not accepted in Chinese)
    ➤ The number of words is limited to 35 letters (including WORLD MAP words and punctuation, spaces are not)
    ➤ The two co-custom recommendations can be replaced with & quot; & & quot; & quot; & quot;
    Such as "JERRY & IVY'S WORLD MAP"
    ➤ The English name ends with S, and in the correct grammar, it is recommended that you do not need to add "S" to just one thing, such as "IRIS 'WORLD MAP"
    ➤ If you do not need to order, just want to display the word WORLD MAP, please fill - none
    In case the order note is not filled in, in order not to delay the production time, if the next two days after we can not contact you, we will WORLD MAP directly for your production.
    ➤ World map English font design is as follows:

    Product Features

    1. You can order your own name ➤ your journey your name!

    2. With a special color crystal ball nail + safety after the buckle (a group of 25)
    ➤ safe and convenient, do not fall, easy to carry, to solve the traditional paper map easy to break and pin off the problem

    3. Easily hang in one minute
    ➤ A set of (2) 3M transparent traces with the product, no other tools can be easily suspended

    4. High-quality micro-elastic cloth + master chef in the ground
    ➤ high-quality elastic fabric, by the old master hand sewing, fine texture; the use of Japan to introduce sublimation transfer technology, machine washable, bright color saturation does not fade

    5. Taiwan special restrictions
    ➤ If Taiwan does not require special markings, please note that the "Global Edition", if not specifically marked with "Taiwan limited edition" production

    【Three colors to choose from】
    Gentle Pink Rose Quartz & Serenity
    Navy Blue Navy Blue
    Lake Green

    【Product Size Sizing Information】
    *This is S (75x100cm) store, this section another L (150x200cm) and M (112x150 cm)*
    L: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/uKrF8ct9
    M: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/9cpmK95q

    What is the mantle? To
    The wall is the Wall Tapestry, and as early as the end of the sixteenth century, people knew that the mantle was used to lay the room. Shop straw in the ground collection of dust, precious blanket is hanging in the stone walls of the building or to wear a church to the wind, to the modern, tapestry or mantle to become practical and fashionable layout jewelry.

    The mantle is a very unique home furnishings, as long as it can easily change the overall atmosphere of the atmosphere.
    The use of a large area of artistic creation to monotonous walls become eye-catching, the room immediately have a visual center of gravity!
    And then take a good light and some personal characteristics of small objects, do not spend a lot of money to decorate the texture of the entire room immediately upgrade.

    The use of the mantle in addition to hanging on the wall, but also as a light compartment, curtains, table towels, bed and sofa dust and other functions. And in the outdoors can be used as a picnic mat, the beach shade wind, activities and other purposes. Umade mantle has three sizes, you can use a variety of space size and different functions to do with Oh!

    【About UMade】
    UMade, Uniquely Made for You. (With Artist's love!)
    Umade and the world nearly a hundred artists work together to make the art of creation is not just in the paper or computer, but you can always see the good things touched!

    Umade is committed to providing you with the best quality art of good works, each commodity has been repeatedly tested and developed, and now in the Pinkoi on another 3C accessories Museum: www.pinkoi.com/store/umade
    Has accumulated nearly 700 pen 5 heart good evaluation, and there are more than 4,000 fans concerned about!
    In order to make it easier for you to find more suitable goods, we will be the home layout category independent of another store, welcome a lot of attention to us Oh! ^^

    【Detailed description of customized goods
    Because our goods are a manual order, so you need a certain custom time Oh!
    Here's a brief explanation of why you need this working time:
    To the world map, for example, in the entire production process, by 7-10 professionals to complete the cooperation.
    From the beginning to confirm the information, adjust the picture, modify the design draft, proofreading school color, printing, processing sewing, etc., we need about 12 procedures to ensure that the custom quality of goods. This requires a lot of professionals in the middle of cooperation and a certain amount of time to complete, but also need to focus on each production staff to ensure the quality of customized products.
    As a brand that encourages creativity and pursuit of high quality goods, we respect every job colleague who should have a reasonable number of hours to complete the work in order to achieve the ultimate goal of the best design for everyone, not Emergency hurry in the cross. So we sincerely invite you to pay special attention to the time required for customization, if there is a specific demand time, please be sure to advance in advance Oh!
    We are for every consumer are holding a grateful heart, sincerely thank you for your love of our goods also give us the opportunity to serve you. We will continue to fine into our mode of operation, in the future to provide more good products, and better quality and fast service for everyone. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn to grow.

    < >
    *Because the scene lighting relationship, so the photo showing a slight drop in color, the actual color and the words of the goods, please go to the white (to the back) that picture is the main Oh!*
    *Each of the mantle is from Taiwan to the old master hand-cut sewing, due to each creation of different cutting edge way, there may be about 3-7cm error value*
    *This product is "custom merchandise" (that is, the top of the goods have your own custom message), in addition to defective goods, we do not provide return service Oh.*

    Origin / manufacturing method
    Taiwan / 100% original exclusive works, and alone for you to build one by one, a lot of copies, so that you are different
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U Map. Your Own World Map (Taiwan Limited) 【S】 -3 Color Navy Blue / Gentle Pink / Lake Green Home Decor Wall Decorative Mural Wall Tapestry Wall Decorative Mural House Artist Layout Indoor Design Event Location WORLD MAP [S 75x100cm]

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